First Deli Showcase! 1/9 @ Precinct! -- Alchemilla, Lesser Knowns, Dan Blakeslee


Get ready to rock your face off. The Deli is pleased to present the first show of a January residency at Precinct in Union Sq. Precinct is an awesome venue. Big bar in the front so you can catch the score of the game between sets. It's got a funky vibe, used to be the police station and who hasn't ever wanted to drink a beer in a police station. The staff is nice and the food is delish.

Heavy sound with classic-rock roots, female vocalist fronted Alchemilla will be starting off the show with some new tunes, I hear. Lesser Knowns are from New Bedford. They are dance-worthy, and contain strong hints of old school Buddy Holly rock 'n' roll and Weezer. You can download their most recent album here. Dan Blakeslee is a multi-faceted artist with a soulful and snowy voice and powerful lyrics. 


Lesser Knowns

Dan Blakeslee  

Doors are at 8pm -- cover is 7 bux 21+ 

-- The Deli Staff