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Some Weather
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<p>Faces on Film's <em>Some Weather</em> was inspired by a reoccurring dream that Mike Fiore was having. He was a back-in-the-day explorer traversing foreign lands and taking stake in what belonged to him. <em>Some Weather</em> is a haunting album which mixes ghostly vocals with tribal and archaic rhythms. <em>Some Weather</em> is reminiscent of Department of Eagles, Elliot Smith and early, early Pink Floyd all at the same time. All in all, it is unique and gorgeous. As mentioned before, the album is a journey. Each song represents a point in time in the dream journey or a feeling associated with great travel. The first song, &quot;Knot in the Vine&quot; is punchy and bluesy. It's got gung-ho rhythm but the soft, howling vocals draw you back to some darker, more intense place. This is the beginning of the journey. Like in all journeys there are places where you stop to reflect. The songs &quot;Under Newry&quot; and &quot;Bride&quot; are songs that represent this part in the journey. They are slower, sadder but at the same time beautifully hopeful like an Elliot Smith waltz or some kind of Andrew Bird acoustic evening. Every track on<em> Some Weather</em> is an individual and organic experience. Fiore without a doubt has the voice of a northerner, husky but soft and full of weathered emotion. I'm always impressed when an artist produces an album where the songs relate to one another, compliment each other the way a good album should.<em>-- Meghan Chiampa</em></p>