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Strange Cultures
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<p><span>After literally and figuratively creating an impressive amount of buzz with their debut album and two follow up EPs, </span><st1 city=""><st1 place=""><span>Baltimore</span></st1></st1><span>'s up and comers&nbsp;Weekends&nbsp;have recently released their first full length record, titled&nbsp;<i>Strange Cultures</i>. Like similar two-man guitar-drums bands No Age and Japandroids,&nbsp;Weekends'&nbsp;Brendan Sullivan and Adam Lempel produce a chaos of sound, full of texture and depth that would make many other larger bands painfully jealous. In their newest collection of songs, Weekends&nbsp;splash a thin shimmery veil of tropical vibes over a mess of noise rock, transforming a seemingly schizophrenic cacophony of guitar wails into something melodic, foot stompingly powerful, and entirely enjoyable.&nbsp;<i>Strange Cultures&nbsp;</i>finds the band bringing all facets of their sound to the table, making for an eclectic combination of head-swirling fuzz that sees the vocals taking a back seat to the scorching guitar lines and rock solid drum licks. The mostly instrumental closer, &quot;Raingirls&quot; is emblematic of their sun-soaked, axe-thrashing sound, part surfer-brah, part punk rocker.</span></p>