Audrey Ryan at O'Brien's 5/26


Audrey Ryan was born when The Arcade Fire and Beck tumbled down Niagara Falls in a bucket with Joni Mitchell. She emerged unscathed, accordion in hand at the bottom. She writes the kind of music I prefer listening to while lying on the floor drinking a bottle of red wine. Since bars won’t let me do this, I stand and watch her one-woman-band-sleight-of-hand. Audrey simultaneously plays any combination of guitar, keys, drums, accordion and/or glockenspiel while singing. Her third full-length album (partially recorded in her loft where she often hosts DIY events) I Know, I Know was released earlier this year. Audrey Ryan works with Cave In’s Stephen Brodsky once again on I Know, I Know and with help from her UK Label, (Folkwit Records) the album is available in Europe as well.

She performs tomorrow 5/26 at O’Briens’s Pub in Allston along with Greg Lyon, and Ian Adams as part of Eldridge Rodriguez’s residency. Doors at 9pm, $6, 21+

--Kat Burke