Interview with Will Etheridge of Eternal Otter Records


Will Etheridge, founder of Portland's Eternal Otter Records recently released Death, Rebirth and Transformation, a small collection of vinyl singles performed by Portland locals, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, Cerberus Shoal and Blaque Boose. He's been a strong influence of Portland's music scene.

Deli: When you moved to Portland in 2008, what was your first impression of the music scene? What has changed since your arrival?

Will Etheridge: I moved in next door to an old friend of mine, John Fountain, who was a musician involved in the scene and he helped introduce me to a lot of great bands. I was just immediately blown away by the quality of the music. I hosted a radio show in college and now DJ for WSCA 106.1 fm in Portsmouth, so I'm constantly listening to new music - and I honestly believe some of the best stuff is being made in the little city of Portland, Maine.

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