SonicBids Selected DC/Baltimore Artists

It's nearing the annual Deli Magazine Best Emerging Artist of 2010 Poll, a first this year for DC/Baltimore, and with our vast jury still getting in their votes and bands continuing to send in their submissions, we thought we'd let you in on the top 3 selected artists found through our SonicBids open call. First up is the Maryland born, Virginia raised avant-garde hip-hop maestro Atari Blitzkrieg who's released 3 albums & 15 EP's (in over a 3 year time period!), and has been in the game since '95 recording and producing with many major names in underground hip-hop. He was also selected as one of Urb Magazine's Next 1000.

Atari Blitzkrieg - The Maturation of Nothingness (Produced by Daedelus) by Godsendant Music

We also dig the lovely alt. soul folk sounds of Ally Way, a native of DC born into a musical family of a gospel singer mother and instrumentalist father. Singing since a toddler, Way draws inspiration from Joni Mitchell to Nirvana and more.

 And the 5-piece pop rock DC band The Silver Liners rocked the loudest on our list of Sonicbid submissions, who've recently released their second EP (S/T). Their first EP "Just Like the Rest" came out April 2010, and critics compared it to bands like Foo Fighters, My Bloody Valentine, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Awesome.

 And a mentionable found through our open-call is the ambient new age cellist T.A. Zook, from Arlington, who creates masterpieces of ambient classical soundscapes perfect for planetarium soundtracks, and in fact is working on a soundtrack for an upcoming IMAX film, "Outside In the Movie." Party! -Dawn


Deli Year End Regional Polls results slowly released

Deli readers, indie bands and artists,

This year, our local Year End Emerging Artists 2010 Polls are proving to be more challenging than ever, with 10 US scenes involved and 1,500+ submissions between our own system and the Sonic Bids applications. We spent a significant portion of the recent Holidays listening to your music (thanks for that by the way!), and we haven't even had the chance to check out the bands selected by our jury of local promoters, bloggers and scene makers yet...

ANYWAYYYY... we have the results of the Open Submissions at hand and we are slowly going to publish them in the next few days. Sonic Bids selections coming soon. Whether you were selected or not, always remember that in 1961 The Beatles were rejected by Decca with the following gems: "guitar groups are on the way out" and "The Beatles have no future in show business." Just a friendly reminder that there is no final authority on music, despite what pitchfork.com would have you believe.

Year End Poll Next Phase: The Fans' Poll
The next phase of the Poll - a vote open to the fans - is likely to start towards the end of this week and the end of the next. We'll spread the cities out a little bit to minimize contemporary traffic spikes that repeatedly brought our site down last year. So stay tuned. We should have the final results for our two separate final charts (fans poll and composite chart including the jurors' vote) by the end of January.

Also, of course all this is possible also because of our sponsors - many of them are providing free studio time and prizes for the winners. Here they are God Bless 'em!



The Deli's Staff


Deep River Could be Playing on Your Front Porch

Deep River

If you're not already familiar with the musical endeavors of songwriter Luke Brindley, guitarist-slash-everything elseist Bryan Dawley and singer Rachel Beauregard, then you are never going to believe that their band, Deep River's debut album was produced over the span of ten short days.  The aptly titled "Ten Mornings" is a polished but deeply earnest set of emotionally riveting songs that manage to represent both what American folk music has been and what it could be.  The arrangements are thoughtfully minimal and allow Rachel's iron-strong voice and the surrounding powerful vocal harmonies to shine.  And they really do shine.

Deep River has coined their own genre-name for their sound:  "Front Porch Pop."

And, as if to let all you music lovers out there know that they take that genre name seriously, they've recently offered to play in the homes of their fans.  If you're interested, then contact amy@adjmgt.com for details!  

If that's just not feasible for you, I'm sorry.  But, all is not lost.  They will also be opening for Chely Wright later this month on January 21 at The Birchmere.  You can still purchase tickets here. -Jarrett



Gangland Buries Its Own @ Velvet Lounge - Jan 6


Gangland Buries Its Own

It may take a few days to nurse yourself back to health after your New Year's party hangover, but I've got news for you:  The music scene waits for no one.  So be prepared, stock up on water and junk food so you can recover as soon as possible.  2011 is going to be a great year for local live music.

And what better way to get it started than with a night of new (but classic) D.C. post-hardcore?  Sounding reminiscent of a heavier Sonic Youth, with female/male vocal tradeoffs and no shortage of guitar breakdowns, Gangland Buries Its Own will be playing at Velvet Lounge on Thursday, January 6.  (Doors 7:30PM/Show 9PM/21+/$8)  Memories From the Space Age will be the opener.

Make a resolution you can keep this year:  Rock till you drop and support local music.  -Jarrett


Rattler's NYE Show at Rock N Roll Hotel

It's once again that time of year to get awesome with DC's glorious icons of rock, Rattler. Prepare for the greatest New Years of your life this Friday at the Rock N Roll hotel as Rick Rattler (Vocals), Scott Rattler (Back up Vocals), Mickey "Hollywood" Fangs (Lead Guitar), Rattlesnake (Drums), Frank "The Deuce" Williams (Bass), and Bobby "Coils" Williams (Rhythm Guitar) descend upon the stage and rock your earballs 'til you blackout while they soak you with beer, if you're lucky. Do yourself a favor and check out their release Incoming (available on iTunes) and let classic tracks such as "Getting Awesome", "Blood Sweat and Beers", and "Cocaine Migraine" sink into your brain so you can chant along. It'll most likely be one of the greatest nights of your life.

A whole bunch of awesomeness will take place all over RnR Hotel, so for more details check out their site. -Dawn