Deli Issue #36 is out! CMJ 2013, Wilsen, Drowners + more!

Oy musical people!

The Deli NYC's 36th issue infested the streets of NYC yesterday (Wed 10.09), look for a physical copy in venues/rehearsal studios/music instrument stores, or read it online HERE!

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Pleasure Gap's new release "Tropical Barn"

 Pleasure Gap, a trio from the woody mountains of New Hampshire, have just release their new album “Tropical Barn”.  There’s definitely a rural coldness to their sound, aggressive and trippy mixed with a slight folk twang. Reminiscent of old school Modest Mouse mixed with The Violent Femmes, the record is full of incoherent shouts and yelps, emotional outpourings, clean tone guitars, and distorted bass.  Definitely give the track “Too Close” a listen; it’s a perfect intro to this psychedelic folk-rock outfit. Check out their new album here. - Paul Jordan Talbot


The Deli's Official CMJ 2013 Music Marathon Showcases

Deli Readers

We can finally announce The Deli's Official CMJ Music Marathon 2013 Showcases! The lineups are not 100% finalized - in particular the one for the Friday 10.18 shows at Pianos, we'll posts updates soon.

As promised, we booked a few artists from the more than 850 online submissions. These bands are Steffaloo (LA), Loveskills (NYC), Walking Shapes (NYC), Howth (NYC), Dead Stars (NYC) and Goste (NYC).


The Deli's Staff


Summer 2013 Issue

Summer 2013, NYC Issue #35
Read it here



Metal Feathers Take Unique Approach to Promoting Their Tunes

Normally when you discover local indie bands, you find out that they are trying to force their music into the ears of anyone who will listen. Most bands have their demos and LPs available everywhere for free (or for very little cash). Portland, Maine’s Metal Feathers appear to laugh in the face of that marketing approach, and that is something I really admire. I first saw these guys at a show in Cambridge, MA last week and I was really impressed by their music. It’s raw, energetic rock n’ roll, with some perfectly sloppy guitar solos and straight-ahead drum beats. These guys put on a great show, and I’m excited get my hands on some of their material.


Their most recent release, Handful of Fog, is available through Teenarena Records, but good luck finding it elsewhere online. Their bandcamp discography lists their albums, but is deliberately sparse--to the point of nonexistence--with streaming tracks. One thing they do update, however, is their Facebook page. Be sure to check that out for updates on when the band will be coming through a town near you.

-Dan McMahon (@dmcmhn)