Less Than a Week Left to Vote for the Boston Music Awards!


The Boston Music Awards are a big deal. Again, this year they are being held at the beautiful Liberty Hotel (used to be a jail, it's a really sweet hotel, worth it enough to check it out if you are into design) BUT this is about music. They will have live performances by DOM, Barry & The Remains, Jennie Dee & the Deelinquents, Mystery Roar, Kingsley Flood, Kon, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper and many others. In the meantime, VOTE! This is a democratic country (we think) so exercise your right!

Many acts featured in the Deli are up for awards, including Sodafrog,The Organ Beats, Jesse Dee, Club D'elf and the one and only, Tim Gearan.

Voting closes at 5:00PM on Monday November 29th. Winners will be announced December 5 at the Liberty Hotel.


And if you want to buy tickets to this event go here.


--The Deli Staff


Deep Heaven Now 2 - 11/12 - 11/13 - Union Sq.


Deep Heaven Now 2 is taking place this weekend at PA's Lounge and at Precinct in Union Square in Somerville. Featuring the very best of the East Coast & Mid-West Ambient/Psychedelic Rock scene. 

The second edition of Deep Heaven Now is a 2 day event starting Friday, November 12th through Saturday, November 13th! Happening outside during the day will also be a big tent with band's merch tables and other various local vendors.

The show is also sponsored by narragansett , the first 50 people on Saturday get 2 free beers. 

Here's the line up:  

Day 1: Friday, November 12

stage 1 - Precinct________________stage 2 - PA's Lounge

1230am - Endless Wave_______12am- Electric Zeus
1130pm - Quiet Loudly (NY)___11pm-MMOSS
1030pm - Transient___________10pm - QUILT
930pm - Hadoken_____________9pm- Herbcraft (ME)
830pm - Night Fruit___________8pm- Mind Yeti

Day 2: Satuday, November 13
stage 1: - Precinct________________stage 2 - PA's Lounge

12am - 28 Degrees Taurus_____1130pm - The December Sound
11pm - Gospel Gossip (MN)____1030pm-Screen Vinyl Image (DC)
10pm - The Vandelles (NYC)__930pm- Bobb Trimble & the Flying Spiders
9pm - Roh Delikat___________830pm-Sounds of Kaleidoscope (PA)
8pm - Brief Candles (WI)_______730pm - Ghost Box Orchestra
7pm - Dirty Dishes____________630pm - Dead Leaf Echo (NY)
6pm - The Crushing Low______530pm - Joe Turner & 7 Levels
5pm - MMOSS
4pm - Amoroso
3pm - Second Day Venom


The Deli Washington/Baltimore is born!

Independent minds and hearts,

Today we are launching The Deli Washington / Baltimore!

Another awesome US scene has its own Deli - hurrah! Please let your musical friends based in that area know about it!

The Deli's Staff


CMJ Fundraising Party in Portland Tonight

Tonight at the Bayside Bowl in Portland, our friends at HillyTown are hosting a fundraising party for the Maine-based bands making the trek down to NYC for this year's CMJ festival.  The party will feature some of the musicians spinning DJ sets, playing solo sets and covers, and, of course, drinks and bowling.  HillyTown is shooting for $1,500; the first $1,000 will go to travel expenses for the bands, while the remainder will help to pay for sound engineering and other expenses for the "Maine vs. New York Day Party" HillyTown is hosting at CMJ in conjunction with the New York-based Battering Room.  

The Maine-based bands that will perform at CMJ are all fantastic and are deserving of every bit of help.  The Maine vs. New York Day Party is a free, afternoon showcase on Saturday, 10/23, at Brooklyn's The Rock Shop.  It will feature three Maine-based bands and four New York-based bands.  For a complete list of the bands performing at the Day Party, and for a list of the other Maine bands performing at CMJ, head over to HillyTown's Kickstarter page.  While you're at it, throw in a few bucks.

The fundraising party is tonight at 7pm, so get a move on!  But, in case you can't make it to the party (we're late on reporting this to you, we understand)... did we mention their Kickstarter page?

- The Deli Staff


The Deli NYC 24th print issue is out - check it out in pdf

Deli readers,

The 24rd issue of The Deli was delivered to the most rocking NYC neighborhoods yesterday.
If you don't live in NYC, don't dispair, because now YOU CAN NOW ALSO SEE IT ONLINE HERE!!! With interactive liks, dudes!

The Deli's Staff