PREMIERE: Emmrose’s forlorn alt-pop shines on new single “Take Me With You”

“Forever means nothing, it’s empty most of the time,” may seem like a fatalistic outlook in the matters of the heart, but when crooned by 16 year old songwriter Emmrose, it resonates as prescient statement by a young artist wise beyond her years. One of the passing observations from her new single “Take Me With You,” it’s an encapsulation of the evenhanded philosophy this alternative pop performer brings to the table, an acceptance of the various dramatic decisions we make to preserve love, especially as we fall under the “intoxicating draw of a new relationship,” while recognizing that preserving such partnerships are often an uphill battle. Such an outlook distinguishes Emmrose from her peers as an individual who wears her heart on her sleeve, but does so as a hopeful romantic — such lyricism when paired with the track’s mellow keys and slow, oftentimes dramatic build make for a captivating listen, one that splits the difference between such contemporaries as Lana Del Ray and Clairo. Stream our premiere of the track below, and see Emmrose at The Bitter End on March 15th. Photo by Shervin Lainez



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Rockwood Music Hall

Luke Rathborne's "Ordinary Woes" is a cinematic trip through the city

A healthy dose of wide-eyed Kubrick stares, scattered hand-drawn animatics, and sunburnt, borderline cacophonous guitars characterize “Ordinary Woes,” the new video by NYC indie performer Luke Rathborne, evoking both the unpleasantry of a psilocybin mushroom trip and the quotidian struggles of being a working artist in the city. While the former of these two experiences was a direct inspiration for Rathbrone’s forthcoming LP Again, the latter is best communicated through the song itself — freeform word associations with combined with a wailing chorus against a breakbeat fuzz-laden instrumental backing places his workmanship somewhere between the scuzzy lofi surf punk of outfits like Wavves, with a distinctive drawling vocal performance that’s reminiscent of 90s slacker rock. Give it a watch and listen below, and keep an eye out for his new LP dropping this June.


Tetchy make the bullshit tolerable on "Hounds," play Our Wicked Lady 3.5

It’s hard not to have fun when listening to Hounds, the debut EP by Brooklyn soft grunge four piece Tetchy. This isn’t to say that the subject matter present on the release’s five tracks are trite or nonserious — quite the opposite, in fact, given that its introduction details the pangs of human intimacy and the pervasive rise of right wing politics in the United States (“Emotional Labor”and “Fascist”). Rather, its enjoyable quality is derived from the band’s insight to contemporary issues, and their ability to make inane universal bullshit tolerable through exciting, guitar-driven grooves. Few bands can render feelings of inertia as triumphant (“The Fool”), or the celebratory defiance of laughing at the universe’s indifference towards pain (“The World”) in a way that’s as cathartic as it is listenable, imbued with an indie rock sound that’s accessibly rough-around-the-edges, an equal mix of grit and sweetness. Give it a listen below, and catchy Tetchy at Our Wicked Lady on March 5th for their EP release show.



From the Submissions: Dan Miraldi's "Just Thought You Should Know"

It’s easy to lose oneself in the forlorn music of folk songwriter Dan Miraldi — his minimalist guitar arpeggios, soothing baritone register, and penchant for reverb-laden backing vocals create a listening experience that’s as self-reflective as his lyricism. Latest offering “Just Thought You Should Know” is Miraldi at his most accessibly plainspoken, offering honeyed melodies and a simple-yet-thoughtful approach to the singer-songwriter genre that eschews the extraneous: just a man, a guitar, and a story to tell. Such a barebones approach combined with his ability to render sorrow sweetly makes his music perfect for fans of Jason Isbell or James Taylor — give it a stream below if you’re in need of some meditative self-care, and keep an eye out for his forthcoming EP Mood Music For Introverts out March 6th.