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Orbit to Leslie Land at JB’s April 15

Multi-genre bending super freaks Orbit to Leslie have been keeping things spicy since the release of their album The World Was Saved With Chocolate Cake. From the salsa beats of “Elephant Fist”, to the drum processions, keyboard overtures and echoed up vocals of “Chocolate Cake” - it’s a manic rush of pure excitement. The band has played a bunch of local shows in support of their debut full length. Da Comrade! continue to impress with the songs from their homage album to their defunct West Philly house/venue, Chernobyl, The War From Your Living Room. And this outing might just mark their first big showing at JB’s. They’ll also be joined by Kite Party who just recently released the EP Wish Mountain on Prairie Queen Records and Brooklyn’s Caves (I think you should make an effort to get there early to see). Johnny Brenda’s, 1201 N. Frankford Ave., 9pm, $10, 21+ - Bill McThrill


The Frontier Bros. EP release with Lemurs and Friends, Much Much More

Face facts, get a grip, clear your head. It's a good weekend coming up here. Our current poll winners The Frontier Brothers, who hail from a single frontier, despite recent signs to the contrary, will shake things down at their EP release party Friday at the Parish along with The Lemurs (pic above by Chris Carson) + Bright Light Social Hour...and up against that you've got Matt the Electrician & Drew Smith at the Ghost Room. Saturday you've got your Heartless Bastards, your Hacienda, and your Leatherbag all playing Antone's, with Hacienda kicking off their tour in support of their release Big Red & Barbacoa, out now. Bad news for the indecisive supporter of local music because that same night Monahans & The Low Lows are at the Ghost Room, plus Ruby James & Suzanna Choffel at Flipnotics. And so it goes.   


Chris Merrit plays Sullivan Hall on 04.15

Chosen for the "Top Six" in Billboard Magazine's Indie World Series and opening a show for rock legend Ben Folds in the same year, Chris Merrit is a stand-out performer, having played hundreds of shows across the U.S. and Japan. His music blends the sounds of piano-driven rock, pop, rhythm and blues with personal stories of love-at-first-sight, his best friend's sister, and being homesick to physics, corrupt governments and Miss Pacman. With plenty of wit and humor that's distinctively his own, Merritt's "voice and delivery draw you in to find out what happens next." - The Washington Post. Catch him tickling the ivories at The Sullivan Hall on 04.15 and at The Bitter End on Thursday, June 3rd at 9pm, with NYC piano pop songstress Shannon Corey. - (as posted in The Deli's Open Blog - post your band's entries, videos, and Mp3s here).



The Echo & The Light

During the night, 3am to be exact, Tiny Engines announced that they will be releasing the sophomore album from Castevet. The 8 song 12” LP will be called The Echo & The Light, and if that title sound familiar to fans then I will explain. Originally pressed in CD and tape format as an extremely limited six-song EP for the band’s 09 Winter tour with Grown Ups, the six tracks – plus two brand new offerings – have been re-recorded and engineered by Dennis Pleckham at Comatose Studio in Bradley, IL and mastered by Carl Saff (Melt Banana, Young Widows, Ghosts And Vodka) at Saff Mastering in Chicago. The four piece explosive punk band broke through last year with their debut Summer Fences and this album is really an extension of that effort. Tiny Engines will release the album on June 29th, and there will be 200 copies on 180 gram black vinyl and 300 on white vinyl.

You can preorder the album today, and you can catch Castevet on June 12th at Beat Kitchen.


Man Like Machine Make Alliteration Cool Again at M Room April 15

Philadelphian rock trio Man Like Machine are coming to the M room tonight, and the late blooming 14 year old girl inside of me couldn’t be more excited. These dudes with a capital D create glossy stadium ready rock tunes full of thick synth lines and lofting guitar solos. To be honest, these guys did not rub me the right way from the start, as they not only named Marilyn Manson as an influence, (don’t worry, I’ve seen Bowling For Columbine so I know how ‘multi-dimensional’ and ‘misunderstood’ he is), but they also covered U2. Now, I am not saying that I would have preferred, say, Marilyn Manson, but U2 is just one of those bands that I would like to shank if I got the chance. That being said, their music does highlight some of their more interesting influences at times sounding reminiscent of The Rapture or Q and not U with their aggressive angular guitars and disco drums. Just as easily, though, they make shimmery pop morsels that The Killers would die for. Their influences are quite apparent, which makes it easy to tell if they will be one of your new obsessions or totally forgotten since your nano only has 2 gigs and you finally got your hands on that Wyclef discography. So find out for yourself by coming out tonight to see a band that could very well be making noise in the alt scene in the near future. M Room. 15 W. Girard Ave, 9pm, $8, 21+ - Adam G.