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Safety Town "Fake It"

Safety Town has released the second single and title track, "Fake It", from their forthcoming album which is due out on November 10th via Earth Libraries.

This is the Synth-Pop of Jackson Davis, and the new single is accompanied by the video below.

Photo by Kathy Patino


Rich Jones "It's Over"

Rich Jones has released the opening track, "It's Over", from his forthcoming EP, "Blue Beach", which is due out on September 24th.

For this project Jones teamed up with New Jersey's Killer Kane who supplied all of the beats.


Lingua Ignota "The Heart of Man"

Last week, Lingua Ignota used bandcamp Friday to release a digital chapbook called "The Heart of Man" that contains writing, photography, and three previously unreleased home recorded piano demos.

You can catch Lingua Ignota at Thalia Hall on November 8th for an event she is calling "Sinner Get Ready".


HLDAY MAGIK "Quiet Year"

Pamela Maurer (aka HLDAY MAGIK) has released brief but beautiful new EP called "Quiet Year". The EP is just three songs, each clocking in around 90 seconds, and features production from Rice Master Yen (aka Hein Nguyen).

The EP's title/closing track, "Quiet Year", is accompanied by the video below.



photo credit: Lecomoura


Just in time for the unofficial end of summer, Poolside producer Alex Kemp and Grizfolk drummer Bill Delia combine as LA-based duo ORNAMENT AND CRIME, and we’ve got the first single from their debut EP, Another Night on The Astral Plane, the laid-back, semi-tropical groove workout “You’re a Mess,” featuring the vocal talents of Virginia Palms.

“You’re a Mess” tumbles from the speakers in a cascade of effortlessly chill bass and drum work, delicate keyboards that seem to evoke the sway of an accordion player at a bistro on the French Riviera, and even the vaguely mystical vibes of a pan flute. All of it combines into a lush, buoyant track, which is only elevated by the mixed male/female unison vocals that sing above it all. As for the lyrics, Bill Delia explains, “Everyone falls for the wrong person once or twice, right? It’s an enjoyable fail, really. This song honors the toxic lovers we all encounter at some point in our lives, the ones we have a blind eye of love for.”

The new EP by ORNAMENT AND CRIME is scheduled for release on October 15th. If the new single is any indication, we could be looking at a belated end to the summer so that this tune has a proper chance to sizzle out of earbuds and speakers across the city. Gabe Hernandez