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Teen Daze & Houses

One of the hottest bands on the internet, Vancouver’s Teen Daze, has partnered with our very own Houses to create a track called “Destiny”. The publicist for Teen Daze made it sound like there will be more to come from this exciting combination.


Best of NYC #27 + Weekly Feature #209b: Gordon Voidwell

We continue our "Best of NYC Countdown", covering every day one of the artists that made our Year End Best of NYC list (a chart compiled by a jury comprised of local bloggers, music writers, promoters, record store personnel and DJs).

Few people in the city can call themselves native New Yorkers. Nine times out of 10, this rare specimen has stories to tell and a lot to say (note: not an actual statistic). William Johnson is one of the select individuals who can proudly brandish the title he was born in Brooklyn, grew up in the Bronx and returned back to Brooklyn, where he currently resides. He uses the name Gordon Voidwell to tell his tales of love, race and class to funky, fat synths laid over soulful, beat-laden pop melodies. An immediate comparison can be made to Prince for the ability to successfully fuse funk, R&ampB, pop and soul in a palatable form for mass consumption.  So far, the songwriter/producer/recorder/sound engineer has released the digital EP “Ivy League Circus” and a 26-song mixtape for hip-hop site OkayPlayer, featuring original songs by Johnson and remixes for Das Racist and Boy Crisis. - Read Nancy Chow's interview with Gordon Voidwell here.


Best of NYC #27 + Weekly Feature #209a: Asa Ransom release 12"

To understand and fully appreciate Brooklyn’s Asa Ransom (pronounced ay-sah ran(t)-səm), attendance at one of their shows is mandatory. Their intense, whimsical energy practically throbs off their recorded EPs, but it is only fully realized and witnessed at their live performances. The band is tight, the crowd is wild for the dance-prone music and good times are bound to ensue.  
Asa Ransom dreams up songs that have transformative properties. Though some of their influences are Western-based such as the Talking Heads and Velvet Underground, they have clear world music inflections. They lure listeners in with the hypnotic, snake-charming intro to “Two Invitations” and keep them at bay with the polyrhythmic, African-influenced percussion over distinct, spirited guitar, tickling keys and walloping bass. To get a taste of their wildly vivacious music, their latest offerings, the five-song “Gold” EP, and the 12" The Luck of Stoney Bowes" can be streamed here. - Read Nancy Chow's interview with the band here.


Screaming Females about to release 4th album + play Siren Fest

The anticipation builds for The Screaming Females impending fourth album release, titled “Castle Talk.” To be released through Don Giovanni records on September 14, the tracks appear positioned to match and possibly even surpass the quality shown on their previous album “Power Move.” On that record, the single "I Do" gave us an anthemic feel by way of a descending chord progression. While the bass and drums throttled forward like a 1980's SST label punk band, guitars chunked over top until the inevitable sinewy guitar solo. “ Bell ” took that same formula but sped everything up a bit. There the vocals alternated between a sing and a scream, but still found the room for well placed background aaaahhhs. Still, the lead guitar solo’s jumped out at you, and it wouldn’t be a stretch to compare this band to a legendary act like Dinosaur Jr. “Buried In The Nude” stretched it all even further. More angular and a tad frantic, what’s clear is the equal interplay of a power trio that thinks like a band. Marissa may be the flashy focus, as gifted guitarists usually are, however one can sense the band dynamic clearly at work here. The new album can’t come soon enough. - Dave Cromwell


Cold Cave & Vile Join Reunited Guided by Voices at Matador’s B-Day Party!

It’s no surprise that newbies to the Matador family Cold Cave and Kurt Vile will be part of the label’s 21st Birthday Party showcase lineup in Las Vegas Oct 1-3, but no one probably expected Guided by Voices ("the classic '93 - '96 lineup") would reunite for this momentous occasion. They’ll also be joined by indie heavyweights and buzz acts like Pavement, Sonic Youth, Belle & Sebastian, Spoon, Cat Power, Yo La Tengo, the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, the New Pornographers, Girls, Superchunk, Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, Guitar Wolf, Fucked Up, Shearwater, Harlem, Cold Cave, Kurt Vile, Jeffrey Joe Jenson, and many more to be announced. Looks like Matador will be doing their 21st birthday right in Sin City! Hopefully no hookers will die at this party. - Q.D. Tran