Blue Smiley
  1%   22 votes
  0%   6 votes
 Church Girls
  0%   4 votes
  0%   10 votes
 Inside Voices
  0%   17 votes
  0%   11 votes
  0%   6 votes
 Remote Control
  0%   19 votes
  52%   1088 votes
 So Totally
  1%   25 votes
 Suburban Living
  0%   6 votes
 Sun Organ
  0%   16 votes
  0%   9 votes
 The Guest
  0%   10 votes
 The Retinas
  39%   819 votes
 Thin Lips
  0%   11 votes


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pinkwash Venue

Alt Pop

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Portland WTC

Buzz Alert: Jelani Sei Unleashes Ethereal Funk in New EP, Kaaria

Transcendental indie-funk band Jelani Sei has released a genre-bending second EP in Kaaria, a study in ethereal soundscapes mixed with soulful vocals and nasty funk grooves.  The vocal work is exemplary, with complimenting performances from Kayana Guity and Evan Lawrence that work seemlessly together to create a unified voice.  Catchy hooks, inventive songwriting, and tight instrumentals make Kaaria a release that is not to be missed. -Brian Varneke


Western Estates Releases New EP, Me First

 In case you missed them as one of our featured artists for December, it's not too late to check out New Haven alt-garage rockers, Western Estates.  With tonal flavors ranging from post-punk to grunge to pop, Western Estates dance within and around those genres enough to never quite be pinned down by any of them.  From the bright, catchy "One and Done" to the darker, harmonically complex "Alone, To Get Her", their new EP Me First gives a glimpse into the eclectic nature of the band. -Brian Varneke