The Deli's Austin '17 Issue is online! The Synths and Pedals Issue

Deli Readers,

We've been publishing the yearly Austin issue of The Deli (coinciding with SXSW) since 2011, and it's our only print issue that's not exclusively focused on just NYC artists. 

After last year's fun, "PsycheDelic" approach, we decided to dedicate this year's issue almost entirely to synth and pedals (and bands of course!), in an effort to promote our Austin Stompbox Exhibit and Synth Expo - which, if you are a gear geek heading to Austin next week, should not miss!

However, the highlight of this issue is an article about women and technology. Hope you enjoy it!


The Deli's Staff

P.S. You'll see the printed issue in Austin next week and in NYC the week after.


Polluter Named Reader's Pick for Best Emerging New England Punk/Metal Artist of 2016

 Connecticut natives, Polluter, have been named Best Emerging New England Punk/Metal Artist of 2016 by our reader's poll.  One of the tougher candidates to categorize, Polluter fits uneasily within the ranks of their punk and metal colleagues.  Showcasing elements of both genres, with splashes of jazz, R&B, spoken word poetry, and more, the six piece band creates their own definition of modern rock.  Their latest, Live Decay, is a potpourri of driving guitar riffs, sultry sax interjections, tight grooves, and pretty much anything else you could think of. -Brian Varneke 


Chaser Eight: Reader's Pick for Best Emerging Alt Rock/Garage Act of 2016

Our reader's have spoken once again and New Haven's melodic alt-rock act, Chaser Eight, has emerged victorious as their pick for Best New England Emerging Alt-Rock/Garage Artist of 2016. Chaser Eight keeps things stripped down on their new release Been Lost Dreaming, while keeping their classic alt-edge that fans will expect.  Self described as "Joat Jett meets the Killers at a Foo Fighters show", the band finds a balance, incorporating those influences and injecting their own flavor, sometimes soulful, sometimes aggressive.  Check out for more info and hit the player below for their latest. -Brian Varneke


Best of New England Folk/Soul Reader's Poll: Frank Viele

 The Deli readers have spoken, choosing Connecticut songwriter Frank Viele as the best emerging New England folk/soul artist of 2016.  A cocktail of classic soul/RnB, alt-rock, and a dash of country twang, Viele earns a place alongside artists like Ray Lamontagne and The Black Crowes, keeping the roots alive and well.  Check out the dates for Frank's current US tour here and stay tuned for more poll results! -Brian Varneke


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