TONIGHT: Total Slacker headlines Deli/Pianos CMJ show

If you're old enough to remember the '90s, you probably remember it as mostly being about VHS tapes, crystal pepsi and long-lasting flannel. And that's exactly how Total Slacker remembers it too, commemorating the twilight hours of the 20th century with a set filled with odes to "Full House" and "Jurassic Park." It all might be a joke, if it weren't for how well they make it all sound. The Brooklyn trio may nod to early Weezer with their loose and dirty grunge, but singer/songwriter Tucker Rountree bakes his own kind of fuzzy bud into his Fender, keeping the party moving way past Y2K. The band's just finished putting the final touches on the followup to their 2011 debut "Thrashin," and are set to premiere it at CMJ. - Check out an old video below. Full Deli CMJ scehdule here. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)


TONIGHT: Wilsen plays Deli CMJ shows at Pianos

Wilsen - featured on the cover of our Fall/CMJ issue 2013 - will perform tonight at Pianos (full schedules here). Led by Tamsin Wilson, this is a truly gifted band that follows in the steps of the intimate ballads powered by poetic lyrics of Leonard Cohen, with an added attention for melody at times reminiscent of Jeff Buckley. Do not miss!


Elizabeth & The Catapult play Deli CMJ Rootsy Stage tonight

Growing up in Greenwich Village, Elizabeth Ziman of Elizabeth & The Catapult, was trained from a young age as a pianist and studied classical composition at the Berklee College of Music. It was here that Ziman met her future bandmates, drummer Dan Molad and guitarist Pete Lalish and in 2004 Elizabeth & The Catapult was born. Ziman's schooling is evident in the music she writes; intelligent, memorable melodies are carefully placed alongside sunny riffs and beautifully constructed lyrics. Shaped by Ziman’s clear powerful voice and their unique use of instruments, the band's eclectic pop sound is one of a kind. See them tonight at The Deli's CMJ showcase at Rockwood Music Hall - full lineup here. - Brescia Mascheretti

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best Rootsy songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


Thursday: The Deli's Fuzz Rock + Afrobeat CMJ Stages at Spike Hill

The third day of the 2014 CMJ marathon reserves a rather unusual double Deli bill at Spike Hill in Williamsburg. We'll start with 90 minutes of semi-unadulterated wall of fuzz with 3 noisy but melodious Brooklyn bands, and progress to a late night of afrobeat and funk!

Check out the lineup below and do not dare missing this one - whichever of the two genres you are into.

Full Deli CMJ 2013 schedule here.

Spike Hill - $6


Heeney **
8.30  Dead Stars **
9.00 Slonk Donkerson **
9.40 People's Champ
10.30 Sway Machinery
11.30 EMEFE
12.30 Mammal Dap (Boston)



Tuesday: denitia and sene co-headline Deli Electro CMJ Stage at The Delancey

There’s something to be said about a newborn band that already has their own, unique sound. Smooth, soulful and dreamy at once, denitia and sene. merge genres to create their own penthouse lounge style music. Self-described as “film noir for audiophiles,” they are both mellow and dramatic, creating that perfect “rainy day” feel. Tracks like 'Again (New Ride)' could easily be featured in a modern day romance flick, while 'Casanova' is almost danceable. Going back to the slow and sensual R&B sounds of the 1990s, d&s play with nostalgia both through their sound and their lyrics, which makes them dangerously charming. - Sam Kogon