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CMJ Friday: Indie + Dream Folk Stage at Pianos with Wilsen, Ski Lodge, TEEN, Total Slacker, Celestial Shore.

Friday will be our last CMJ day - after that we'll take the weekend "off" from show to focus on our Brooklyn Stomp Box Exhibit. It will be an exciting night though with two stages with truly amazing artists.

We'll have a fair number of very mellow acts, including Wilsen, the band gracing the cover of our latest NYC issue, but also some buzzworthy indie pop acts like Spires, Ski Lodge and Rathborne, and some psych rock acts like TEEN, Celestial Shore and Writer. This is a show not to miss!

Full schedule of The Deli's CMJ shows here.

Pianos - tickets

Downstairs ($10)
07:00 Tiny Ruins (NZ)
07:45 Palehound
08:30 Wilsen
09:15 TBA
10:00 Total Slacker
10:45 TEEN
11:30 The Belle Game
12:20 Ski Lodge
01:10 Celestial Shore
Upstairs (free)
07:00 Misun (DC)
07:45 J Fernandez (Chicago)
08:30 Andrew Cedermark
09:15 WRITER
10:00 Rathborne

The Deli's Staff  


TONIGHT: TEEN headlines Deli/Pianos Indie CMJ Stage

After releasing their debut full-length in 2012, TEEN also unveiled a new EP that showcases an impressive artistic growth, striking a very personal balance between eastern sounding melodies, detuned synth lines and guitar parts that flirt with the golden days of prog rock (think early King Krimson). Read more about them in this issue's feature about Psych Rock in NYC. See them tonight at The Deli/Pianos Indie CMJ Stage.


TONIGHT: Ski Lodge headlines Deli/Pianos CMJ show

There are a number of overused adjectives that music critics abuse, but sometimes a word to describe a band's work just comes to your head and won't leave. For Ski Lodge, that term is "jangly." Their brand of jangly pop is too refined to be called surf, and its main attraction is exactly this refinement. They do not overstay their welcome, making for a concise sound that will (somehow) make you pine for the laziness of an August heat wave. See them tonight play The Deli's CMJ Indie Stage at Pianos.