New Track: "Sadie" - Cole Berggren

Cole Berggren (Number One Lovers, The Vernes) recently posted a new single, called “Sadie”. Initially accompanied by guitar, the song begins with an isolated characterization, and then leaps into action as the backend kicks into gear. Searching for hope, when currently facing melancholy circumstances, Berggren suggests patience and perseverance are the strategies needed to push through. "You want it all, and all you gotta do is wait."


Watch: Ian Ferguson releases DIY video for new psych single "Love Crime"

Southern psych-rock songwriter Ian Ferguson has released the new groovy single "Love Crime", along with its music video. The track -- which appears on Ferguson's upcoming debut album State of Gold (out on July 26th) -- channels a bit of The Beatles' late discography, or even the more chilled-out ideas of Black Sabbath. A more contemporary comparison would be Mac DeMarco, perhaps, as the music video for the song has a bit of DeMarco's knack for lo-fi and DIY production values. The Handicam-looking clip comes rife with low-budget aliens in cardboard triangle glasses, an old van, and old sci-fi film footage. It doesn't take much to make a fun video, and Ferguson holds fast to that ethos with the clip for "Love Crime". Watch it below, and watch out for State of Gold which drops later this month. - Will Sisskind



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Watch Anna Egge's crafty video for new single "Cocaine Cowboy"

Brooklyn-based Anna Egge will drop her newest album Is It This Kiss on September 6th; to preview the record, she's released the music video for a single from the record called "Cocaine Cowboys". The sparse country-tinged track nods to legends such as Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline, and Hank Williams, weaving little more than Egge's voice layered in harmony, a strummed acoustic guitar, and tiny touches of strings and wind instruments to create a beautiful and simple song. The video echoes this minimalistic approach: a pair of hands crafts the visuals to the lyrics, using paper cutouts and props such as cereal marshmallows, cotton balls, paper cutouts of the country stars to whom Egge pays homage, and a 45 of "Cocaine Cowboys" itself. Take a look for yourself at the video below. - Will Sisskind


Debut Soupy EP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Practice is the debut EP from Soupy, which is now available via Bee Side Cassettes. Instrumentally bouncing along while critiquing one’s thoughts and decisions, there’s a balance of introspection and adventure. It's expressive, honest, bedroom pop from the fledgling Philly trio, led by Tabitha Ahnert. Enjoy!