Indie Rock

Andrew Krull "Magnolia"

Andrew Krull has released the lead single, "Magnolia", from their forthcoming debut EP, "It All Goes", which is due out on August 27th.

For this project Krull enlisted an array of talented local musicians including Nick Levine of Pinegrove/Jodi, Seth Engel of Options, Aaron Smith, Jess McIntosh, and Alayne May.

When asked about the EP's lead single they had this to say; "I wrote “Magnolia” following a conversation with a couple of people I love very much. It was one of those very powerful moments of emotional connection in which you’re willing to be scared of vulnerability, willing to have your voice shake while you say something meaningful to you. The song itself is partially about how scary it can be to show your authentic self to people, especially when that “authentic self” is something you’re not even sure you have a great grasp on. But ultimately the message of the song is that it can be immensely rewarding letting your guard down around people who you trust to be loving and supportive - something I’m working on all the time. I wrote this song and got the magnolia branch tattooed on my arm as a reminder of how special vulnerability can be."


Avery Springer "Bored Man with a Knife"

Avery Springer made her Lauren Records debut this week with the release of the single "Bored Man with a Knife". Springer, who is also the lead singer for the group Retirement Party, began releasing music as a solo artist just last year with the singles "Jackson" and "Early Bird".


Safety Town "Bloom"

Safety Town (aka Jackson Davis) has released the lead single from his forthcoming debut album, Fake It, which is due out November 12th via Earth Libraries.


Thompson Springs "Too Close For Comfort"

Thompson Springs have released a new single called "Too Close For Comfort".

This is the work of Jacob Bicknase (drums, piano), David Thrift (Bass, backing vocals), Jeff Sullivan (electric guitar), Alex Charland (Saxophone), and Matt Smith (acoustic guitar, vocals)

You can catch Thompson Springs at Schubas on August 20th with Soul Honey Records, and Julian Daniell.


Aunt Kelly @ Golden Dagger (7.30)

Aunt Kelly recently released a new single called "Master of Mind". This is the group's second single since the release of their 2019 debut album, Ready When You Are.

You can catch Aunt Kelly on July 30th at Golden Dagger with Max Subar.