Hip Hop

Video Dave "Tuesday"

Video Dave has released a new album called Week 1560. The title is the reference the week of an individuals 30th birthday and was written on Dave's 32nd birthday to reflect on the previous three years.

The album's lead single is called "Tuesday" and is accompanied by the video below.


Chris Crack "Cute Boys (The Rise of Lil Delicious)"

The prolific Chris Crack is back with a new mixtape called "Cute Boys (The Rise of Lil Delicious)". The mixtape features contributions from fellow New Deal Crew member Cutta, and this is Crack's second release this year coming close of the heel's of "White People Love Algorithms".


theMIND "A Spike Lee Jawn"

theMIND has released a new single called "A Spike Lee Jawn". The track is produced by Cam O’bi and Renzell and contribution from Krystal Metcalfe. The single is being released on Bandcamp to coincide with their Juneteenth fundraiser for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

theMIND has released a series of singles since his acclaimed 2016 album Summer Camp, and is currently working on a sophomore album called Don’t Let It Go to Your Head.


Rosebud Allday "Buds Vol. 1"

The local R&B and Hip Hop label Rosebud Alley has released it first mixtape called Buds Vol. 1. This is a collection of tracks from the local artists on their label including Blake Davis, drea the vibe dealer, Mike Galperin, Gem Tree, Danielle Jones, ‘Kechi, Lil Smoke, Manny 10x, Marcus Reese, Jsun Rose, Sam Veren, Wyatt Waddell, and Alex Wing.

Since the ongoing pandemic forced Rosebud Allday to close its studio doors, but the label’s co-founder Jayson Rose saw an opportunity to weave together collaborative studio sessions in this seamless representation of the label’s talent.



Emo Rapper Safehold has released a new single, "LETTHERAINFALL!", from his forthcoming debut album, Boyish, which is set to be released on July 24th via Mutant League.

This is the Rap debut of Payton Day of Pop Rock group Wilmette.