Free Download: "Come Out Alright" - Little Strike

Below is a lovely new single from Little Strike, a.k.a. Tamar Dart, called "Come Out Alright." "Back in the states after a year of work and travel in China, I received an email from a close friend revealing that he had been doing heroin, and that I was the only person that he chose to tell... The chorus is directly taken from the email I received. He's better now, not fighting alone." Dart will be performing next in Philly on Saturday, June 4 as part of the Sundrop Music Fest.


Yoni & Geti

Yoni Wolf and Chicago's Serengeti have released a video for their song "Madeline". The track comes from their recently released album Testarossa which was released by Joyful Noise on May 6th.

Yoni & Geti will be performing at Lincoln Hall with Advance Base and Coins on June 1st.


Monte Carload

Monte Carload is moniker of Tyler White under which he creates jangly-pop anthems. He recently released a new single called "Heart Attack".


Catch Roselit Bone while you can!

Just in case you haven't heard, country music is alive and well in Portland. We're not talking about that American Idol mess your mother probably listens to. We're talking the dusty steel, brooding Americana that keeps the genre a contender for space on your playlist.

Both Roselit Bone and Jenny Don't & the Spurs can turn even the most stubborn anti-country music fan into an appreciator of that twang. The two just release a split a couple weeks ago and while Jenny Don't & the Spurs have already hit the road for tour, you've still got a couple chances to see Roselit Bone before they leave for theirs in August. 

They've got a show coming up tomorrow at Bunk Bar with Abronia and Tucson's Ohioan. You really can't miss it, since that second chance won't be coming up until right before they hit the dusty trails.


A noteworthy song by One Prayer One Sin - live at Alphaville tomorrow (05.20)

One Prayer One Sin conjures spirits from NYC's rock n' roll past. Whether channeling the street cool of Lou Reed, or the theatrical postures of David Johansen, this band still manages to stay uniquely strange and future-focused. Lead vocalist Johnny Scuotto cuts a strangely charismatic and haunting figure, drawing you in and giving you pause at the same time. The group's first single 'Serpents,' kicks off a marathon run-time (over 8 minutes with every instrument you can think of, except for guitars), and tells an epic story of Scuotto coming to terms with a loss of innocence, and what it's like to feel 'hungry and hollow.' Check it out below, and see the band when they play at Alphaville (140 Wilson, Brooklyn) tomorrow May 20th with Bambara and Ritual Humor. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)