Kami Maltz drops video for new single "Kingdom"; plays The Owl Music Parlor on 05.10

Kami Maltz has wowed listeners with her smooth voice, her blending of folk and electronic elements, and her ability to craft songs about complex emotions through catchy hooks and poetic lyrics. Her new single "Kingdom" has all of that; it dropped last week and has already started to gain some traction on streaming services. The Deli now premieres the track's video, which Maltz filmed with an all-female crew over the course of one day. The rainy day atmosphere of the video adds to Maltz's lyrics about romance and the soft arrangement of the track. If you want to catch Maltz live, she'll perform at the Owl Music Parlor in Prospect Lefferts Gardens on May 10. Until then, catch the premiere of the video for "Kingdom" below. - Will Sisskind


Chris Twist & Jason Steady

Return of the Paisley Angels is the new album from the duo of Chris Twist and Jason Steady. The duo played together in numerous bands in the early ’00’s, and have finally come back together on this pretty straight forward Country Pop album.

The album is a departure from Chris’ 2017 solo debut album, “Hello, I’m Chris Twist”, which was filled with the DIY LoFi Rock that he has come be known by as Slushy.


New Swim Camp LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Barlow Hill, the new album from Tom Morris-led Swim Camp, is out now via Z Tapes. A innate, intimacy takes shelter in his latest release. Adorned in a sense of time-worn nostalgia, the delicate combination of beautifully subtle, folk instrumentation and genuine, memory-recalling lyrics brings the record's imageries into sharper focus. One is temporarily transported back with vivid, familiar detail, yet the wisdom of time & experience remains.


Will Fox shares reflective new video, "Waiting"

 Time is rushing for Will Fox—and he's content just letting it move like a slow breeze. On the video for his latest, "Waiting," the folk-rock singer-songwriter ambles and plays his guitar around a beautiful countryside alongside scenic, time-lapsed photography. Fox's mellifluous croon is both pronounced and mysterious, a gentle coo that brushes over his warm, lilting arrangements. He moves past his lament with calm self-reflection, letting the nature that surrounds him fill him with some wisdom and understanding. 

"Waiting" is the first single off Fox's debut full-length album, Which Way, due out July 12 on Twosyllable Records. He's performing at Love Song Bar with fellow Los Angeles Police Department band colleague Ryan Pollie on May 18. Juan Rodríguez


Urbane singer-songwriter Adir L.C. premieres single "Big Bad," plays Our Wicked Lady BK 04.26

The music of Brooklyn singer-songwriter Adir L.C. has a worldly sound to it that integrates its more traditional folk elements, a result perhaps of his frequent trips across the U.S. and far beyond. The Israeli-born artist’s latest single “Big Bad” (streaming) kicks off with a burst of percussions that quickly comes to a halt, opening up space for acoustic guitars that ring with serenity. As Adir begins to sing, the intimacy of the setting may remind you of a friend who has a story to tell, someone with a rich past but who's not done growing and learning. The song slowly grows to incorporate a full arrangement, including a brass section that lifts the chorus to the song's climax, without ever losing its earnest folk quality. The single forms part of Adir’s second full-length record release Basket Star, which is due out May 17th, and promises to further expose the troubadour's thoughts on life between New York and Tel Aviv. Catch Adir L.C. performing at Our Wicked Lady in Brooklyn on April 26th. - Rene Cobar