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A Deli Premiere: "Radio" by Dr. Nocko and Mr. Nicholas

Nico Renzulli is showing his teeth in the latest single to be spawned by his project Dr. Nocko and Mr. Nicholas. If the charming growls, and even more deadly guitar riffs, seem familiar, that may be because the song titled “Radio” is a cover of a track previously written during Renzulli's days in Boston’s electro-rock group Jack Romanov. “Radio” lets loose, with gritty power chords and high-impact drums that speed toward tumultuous breakdowns; the slightly softer touch of Renzulli’s current project still lingers in the choruses where his vocals slip and expose a more refined appearance. Renzulli explains the inspiration for the track as follows: “Radio was inspired by Denmark’s National Treasure, Lars Ulrich. In a 2015 interview, Ulrich talked about how Metallica used to fill out their early live shows by playing covers of obscure songs from metal bands that no one had heard of. The crowds never questioned it, they had no reason to.” We can’t question the symbiotic relationship that exists between an artist’s past, present, and future: all is one, and one is all. We are thrilled to premiere this single for you below! - Rene Cobar


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Khyber Pass Pub

Lower Dens Inspires at Barracuda

 The chilled 80s synth rock of Lower Dens and front person Jana Hunter creates a unique sort of rock enigma on stage, as evidenced by the gentle “Will you please have my babies” cried out by an audience member during their show at the Barracuda this past Friday. 

The opening bands perfectly fit the dynamics at play within Lower Den’s aesthetic. Local jangle pop band, Slideshow, maintained a good energy and experimental sitar player and vocalist Ami Dang was transcendent. Both acts worked well with the crowd’s growing anticipation and made the venue their own. 

 When Lower Dens took the stage, they did not disappoint. As great as all of the band’s records are, the songs take on an entirely different form when played live. They become more vibrant, and the energy is amped up about a thousand times. The synth packs a deeper punch underneath the drums and bass when played live. Hunter also has a strong stage presence; he held all the attention in the room without demanding it or taking up too much space. New and old songs were played with the same amount of passion. “Drive” and “Ondine” were both played beautifully and received well. 

The romantic dystopia that Lower Dens creates in their music is wonderfully replicated on stage, as well. Most of Hunter’s music deals with isolation in confrontation with desire and identity, and in doing so he creates a space for his audience to seek comfort they wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere. It was easy to find that comfort on stage, with warmth emanating from each member as they performed. The live performance cuts right through the bones of the loneliness the music speaks of. If this wasn’t obvious alone from their performance, the looks of comfort and quiet rapture on the faces of more committed audience members certainly provides enough evidence for it. 


The quieter moments had a very 'last call at the bar' vibe. The band held intimate moments within each beat that gave people space to interpret the song however they wanted. “Suckers Shangi-la” was a perfect moment of catharsis. It was the soft, lonely fantasy world everyone needs to escape to once in awhile.


- Avril Carillo



Silversun Pickups Shine at Stubbs

 A quiet Wednesday night became bustling with hundreds of people at Stubbs. People were willing to bear the cold on this once-in- a-lifetime chance to see a show that could never be forgotten. With about a 20 year build up and opening for many bands such as MetallicaSilversun Pickups left the audience in a buzz with their latest leg of their tour thru Austin. Anticipation was filling the air and everyone knew that what was about to be experienced would be worth the bitter chill of the windy February night. 

Silversun Pickups have seemed to remain under the alternative rock main stream radar since their hits in the mid 2000's, most notably Lazy Eye from the debut LP in 2006 Carnavas, and their second being Panic Room from the second full length LP Swoon in 2009. But don't let that take away from the endless talent possessed by Brian Aubert and Nikki Monninger, with Brian on guitar and vocals and Nikki on bass as well as vocals. They compose such entrancing landscapes of harmonies and progressions that just take you away from the world you exist in and let you wander off into a world they created with much time and work. All of their albums up to their latest release Widow's Weeds in 2019, have had 3-4 years of separation  in between. As writers and musicians they've discovered a perfect formula of touring, recording, and releasing to keep fans coming back for more, but also being strong and staying loyal to always progressing as a band. Still as tight as ever, they're unique structure of sound is still as fresh as the day they started playing small clubs. 
Stubb's was radiating energy all over. Each song was so individually strong and hit your heart so hard. It felt as if everyone was just melding together in this shared experience. Silversun Pickups had created a place where everyone seemed to just loose themselves into what was in front of them. Simple lights and giant LED strips was all they needed to help novelize what was satisfyingly piercing into our brains. It doesn't seem like in 20 years they have even missed a beat. Blending all the greatness of Shoe-gaze, Alt Rock, and Post Punk they're able to create a large fan base that stays true to them because of the unique and effect behind their music and lyrics. If there's ever the opportunity to catch them, which surely there will be with their track record, make sure you do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a night that will change your life. 
- Dylan Welch

Shade - Debut LP "Combat Rave" Official Release Date 05.01

Sleepless Record’s rock n’ roll stars Shade have released a brand new single. "Brain Suck" is not a new tune for them however as it was one of their oldest tunes that has evolved from a basement demo into the rocker you hear now. The chorus is a heavy mid 90’s banger with an extra dose of fuzz. Always nice to hear a track from these guys. Even better to hear the official release date for their debut LP “Combat Rave” will be May 1st. The release party will be that night in Hamilton at This Ain’t Hollywood. – Kris Gies