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Lil Drilla
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Voltage Lounge

03.13: Mild Minds releases melancholic debut album "MOOD"

Maybe, given the recent goings on in the world, you've had a rough go of it, and just need some time to disassociate. If you need to freshen up your Music To Zone Out To playlist, give Mild Minds' MOOD a try. Run by Benjamin David, Mild Minds has the trip hop sounds to which fans of Caribou and Four Tet will find themselves dancing. MOOD, Mild Minds' debut album, has tracks such as "Movements" and "Walls" which layer catchy drum grooves and soft pulsing synths over droning bass. The effect will keep you moving to the beat as you remove yourself from whatever stressful medical, financial, or mental situation threatening you at the moment. MOOD drops on March 13th; take a look at the music video for "Walls" below. - Will Sisskind


Vundabar preview new record with sugary track "Burned Off"

Boston’s Vundabar is set to release Either Light on March 13th and how excellent it promises to be. That promise exists in the deliciously retro indie-pop track “Burned Off,” which takes the listener on a speedy sonic roller coaster that cascades past a pulsating bassline, a crisp drum pattern, candy-sweet vocals, oh and guitar riffs so 2003. Brandon Hagen, Drew McDonald and Zackery Abramo continue this project that is quickly escaping our stratosphere on here as the group is touring the country throughout the spring with a show on April 24th at Paradise Rock Club for our New England folks. If the new record has more of the exquisite falsettos, and atmospheric breaks, featured in the single streaming below then wonderful it will be. - Rene Cobar


PREMIERE: Couvo takes change in stride on “Still Hanging On,” plays Way Station 3.23

It’s an unfortunate truth that, with the passing of time, we tend to lose touch with those that matter most to us, a fact that’s become abundantly clear to Bushwick-based indie pop artist Couvo as of late. His new single “Still Hanging On” is an ode to old acquaintances and relationships that come with the changes inherent to life, a shoutout to erstwhile friends in his hometown of Manchester, Connecticut, channeled through bright, downtempo indie pop reminiscent of the Morning Benders and pre-Powerman Kinks. A sunny-yet-forlorn disposition powers Couvo’s lyricism — nostalgic, yes, but always grounded in realism, the “knowing, in the moment, that these relationships will fail and these people will leave, or you’ll be the one to go,” in his own words. Sweetly sorrowful and bolstered by a third act explosion of winding saxophones and group harmonies, Couvo proves that, despite these seemingly-inevitable transformations, there’s resilience and strength to be found in act of “hanging on.” Stream our premiere of this track below, and see Couvo at the Way Station on March 23rd, alongside Ruby Wave, Phil Robinson, and Zman. Photo by Kevin Condon


PREMIERE: Emmrose’s forlorn alt-pop shines on new single “Take Me With You”

“Forever means nothing, it’s empty most of the time,” may seem like a fatalistic outlook in the matters of the heart, but when crooned by 16 year old songwriter Emmrose, it resonates as prescient statement by a young artist wise beyond her years. One of the passing observations from her new single “Take Me With You,” it’s an encapsulation of the evenhanded philosophy this alternative pop performer brings to the table, an acceptance of the various dramatic decisions we make to preserve love, especially as we fall under the “intoxicating draw of a new relationship,” while recognizing that preserving such partnerships are often an uphill battle. Such an outlook distinguishes Emmrose from her peers as an individual who wears her heart on her sleeve, but does so as a hopeful romantic — such lyricism when paired with the track’s mellow keys and slow, oftentimes dramatic build make for a captivating listen, one that splits the difference between such contemporaries as Lana Del Ray and Clairo. Stream our premiere of the track below, and see Emmrose at The Bitter End on March 15th. Photo by Shervin Lainez