Rigsketball Returns

Rigsketball Halftime

March Madness just ended and all of you bracketologists out there are probably pretty sad you'll have to until next year to get your bracketology on, but don't fret! Back for a second year by popular demand, in a move that is sure to establish itself as a Portland institution - it's Rigsketball! If you're late to the game, Rigsketball is halfcourt, 3v3 basketball played on a regulation hoop attached to the back of a van, just about anywhere the cops won't bust the party. However, when played in a bracket-style tournament with 32 of Portland's most ballin' bands and a couple of well-coordinated city permits in the 2012 calendar year: it becomes Rigsketball 2k12! - a summer tradition monstrosity that threatens the safety of every man, woman and child in a 50-foot radius, all the while promoting physical exercise, good attitudes and teamwork! Not to mention connecting 32 seemingly disparate bands and their fans in friendly opposition while providing all parties involved the chance to see each group do something new and exciting outside the studio or venue. If you like sweat, beer, bands, jams, vans, basketball and the possibility of some extremely minor bloodshed - then you'll love Rigsketball 2k12!

Last year's bracket was constituted by Typhoon, Starfucker, And And And, Radiation City, Rock n Roll Soldiers, Jared Mees and the Grown Children, Archers, Aan, SKELETRON, Sean Flinn and the Royal We, TxE, Laura Gibson, Support Force, Animal Eyes, Charts, The Woolen Men, The Blast Majesty, Dirty Mittens, Monarques, My Autumn’s Done Come, Youthbitch, Rocky & The Proms, SUPER MONSTER, The No Tomorrow Boys, Surfs Drugs, Hello Electric, Rabid Wombat, Lee Cory Oswald, Otis Heat, Ugly Flowers, Mannequinhead, and The Taxi Boys. 

Rigsketball 2k12 registration will open April 15th (filing taxes optional.) The first 32 eligible bands to register will be a part of this year's tournament and it is sure to fill up quickly after last year's buzz. Actual competition begins July 26th and goes through August 9th. If you're in a band, be sure to save the registration date. If you're an adoring fan, be sure to donate. The Deli will see everybody out on the court. Wherever that is.




This past September, Youthbitch released their first full-length LP, the tongue-twistingly titled Youthbitch Youthbitch Youthbitch Youthbitch Youthbitch. The poster-style cover art portrays a cartoon teen pissing his pants and crying blood. It's an image that turns out to be a pretty good summation of the music therein: delightfully rude, unashamedly adolescent, super fun punk. The entirety of this debut bursts appropriately with youthful energy from start to finish.

Through the lo-fi production quality and all the noise, there is some pretty excellent contemporary pop songwriting to be found here. Yet more often than not, flourishes of throwback rock and roll sound pay homage to legendary punk forefathers like the Cramps or the MC5. The catchy guitar hooks have surprisingly good sing-along potential, especially on the summery “Cool California.” While the snarling and shouted vocals that often exist more to keep the fun level up, the clean guitar solos provide a melodic anchor that makes this wild punk music accessible to any rock fan who isn't afraid to .

Check out Youthbitch Youthbitch Youthbitch Youthbitch Youthbitch on Bandcamp, or head over to Gnar Tapes to buy it on cassette, which is probably the way oft notalgia- tinged Youthbitch intended you to hear it.

--Will Mehigan