the Gritty Birds Podcast is back with a new X-Ray show

The lovely Ms. Jeni Wren Stottrup is bringing her top rated music and industry podcast (a "Top 5 Music Podcast" by the Willamette Week) back for all our ears to enjoy once again. Starting TODAY at 1pm, Stottrup brings the Gritty Birds Podcast to KXRY XRay FM with half hour spurts of intimate discussions involving those in the music scene, profiling newer bands and getting better acquainted with some of the older ones. 

Kicking off the revived podcast right, the first episode features former Portlanders YACHT, who aside from being one of the most enjoyed performances at last month's Treefort Music Festival, also have two sold out shows coming up at the Roseland Theater on April 25th and 26th with M83.

Speaking of Treefort, Gritty Birds will also launch a Treefort series, featuring artists who performed the fest like Burger Records' Sarah Bethe Nelson, our own beloved Radiation City and raw rockers Diarrhea Planet, among others. Film photos of the artists, shot by Ingrid Renan, will accompany the series.

Tune in today at 1pm, and follow the show every Thursday. Episodes will be available on iTunes the following Mondays.

Gritty Birds

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YACHT release new EP Where Does This Disco?

Living in a world where technology rules and controls everything around us, I find it quite ironic to listen to an electronic band that pays homage to the vinyl roots most of us grew up to. Claire Evans and Jona Bechtolt of YACHT are slowly becoming Los Angeles’s future of music technology. Within their single, “Where is the Disco?”, Claire and Jona engraved their entire musical catalogue into the background of the song; however it is unplayable in the grand scheme of things, we are taught that music is more than an emotional thing, but is actually tangible. Something society is slowly losing grasp of - with so many ways to download music straight off the internet, we lose the simplicity of physically holding our media close to us. YACHT’s electronic abilities to extend the boundaries of how we see and hear music works like magic, creating a genre-defying concept that infiltrates every type of music. A satisfying twist to how we hear our music, rethinking the possibility of teaching an old dog new tricks; YACHTs utopian style of music has just set the bar that much higher. - Kayla Hay



Photos: RBSS Presents Yacht, Wampire, Snowblind Traveler

If you weren't able to make it to the Red Bull Sound Select show at Mississippi Studios last Tuesday featuring Yacht, Wampire and Snowblind Traveler... fear not, The Deli Portland was on the scene capturing photographic documentation to help you feel like you didn't miss out. Photos by Brandy Crowe and Colette Pomerleau. 

- Travis Leipzig





Snowblind Traveler

 Check out the rest of the photos here!


Red Bull Sound Select: Yacht, Wampire and Snowblind Traveler

Tomorrow night, the Redbull Sound Select concert series is back at Mississippi Studios, this month featuring YACHT, Wampire and Snowblind Traveler. There is a crossfire of guitar riffs, funky-fast bass, and glitchy synths that make up the extreme dance party of YACHT.  The harmonies of Jona Bechtolt and Claire Evans headily remind you that life is boring, and sometimes a dystopia, but it’s yours to enjoy. Their trust is an optimistic mix of disco with some influences from Daft Punk, Talking Heads, and samples (like the Knight Rider theme on "See A Penny") that expresses hedonistic euphoria through sparkling electropop. Summer is here (practically) and YACHT is back in Portland from LA to help us celebrate. Local psychedelic pop rockers Wampire and Bay Area folksters (reminiscent to Elliot Smith) Snowblind Traveler will add to the fun. RSVP HERE to secure entry to the show for only $3!

- Brandy Crowe 


Love Inks Take the Stage Tonight at Mohawk with YACHT

Still have no plans for tonight? Even if you do, drop them. Local indie pop sensation Love Inks will be taking the stage at Mohawk tonight with YACHT as part of the latter’s Shangri-La World Tour. Simple in the best ways possible and always fun, Love Inks, and especially vocalist Sherry LeBlanc, always make sure that they have your attention. Off of their latest album, E.S.P, tracks like ‘Blackeye’ and ‘Skeleton Key’ show that they can balance catchy and dreamy to perfection. If all is right, these guys should keep making noise in the indie pop world for a long time.