The Woolen Men

Dogheart Drop 'Family Hair' Today, Release Show Tonight

Dogheart haven't really taken a break since Real Mood came out almost a year ago to the day. The six track EP was a display on Dogheart's part of the maturity their sound has reached, leading up to today's release of their newest full length Family Hair.

Recorded on a Tascam 8-track in various spots around the city, Family Hair shows Dogheart executing the mellow garage rock they do best while at times, embracing a Beach Fossils and Real Estate type of haze. Album opener "Puzzled" kicks things off with a quick and catchy pace, while "Wooden Shrine" chills things out a bit. Tracks of all tempos and for all moods can be found on Family Hair, which can be streamed below.

After getting acquainted with the new Dogheart tracks, join the band along with The Woolen Men at Bunk Bar tonight for the album release show. Word is they'll be giving free haircuts until midnight, just in case you're in need of one.


The Woolen Men + Cool Ghouls + Dogheart at Mississippi 7.29

Whenever you see The Woolen Men appear on a bill you can count on it being a killer show. Not just because of their own aptitude for producing first-rate garage slacker-pop jams, but also because they keep very good company. July 29 at Mississippi Studios the guys are hanging out with Dogheart and San Francisco based Cool Ghouls for a night of bouncy garage rock and crunchy guitars. Dogheart is a new band on the scene who runs with knockabout bands like The Shivas and Mister Tang, but takes a more polished and subdued approach to the Portland-garage sound. Cool Ghouls will fill in the rough-and-tumble role that Dogheart will be familiar with; their brand of R&B infused swinging rock and roll is reminiscent of early Strange Boys with a twist of psych rock texture. This lineup will get you so jiggy Will Smith would offer you a solemn nod of approval.

- Bryce Woodcock 


The Woolen Men Taking Off

It should not come as much surprise that momentous things are afoot for Portland's The Woolen Men. 2013 saw the band put out 3 different releases and sign with Woodsist Records. By just March of 2014 The Woolen Men have already released a split 7" vinyl with Spookies, and a four track Quick Trips EP

Currently on tour in promotion for their freshly released Quick Trips EP, Tuesday night The Woolen Men will play at Baby's Allright as main support for Brooklyn based Woods, along with Weyes Blood and Cassie Ramone. Currated by Brooklyn Vegan, this show is a part of the Red Bull concert series, Sound Select Presents: New York

Only a week following the Sound Select show, The Woolen Men will be packing up and flying over the Atlantic for a 20 show, month long tour though Europe. Have fun and good luck boys, here's wishing you well from back home in Portland. - Travis Leipzig


The Woolen Men Record Release at Mississippi Studios 3.22

This Friday, March 22nd, at 8:00 pm the doors at Portland's beloved Mississippi Studios will swing open, and a herd of Woolen Men fans will stream through the doors in celebration of the release of a new CD.  What you may not know is the previous albums The Woolen Men have put out are reason enough to get you to a venue on a Friday night. This rock trio from Portland has it's feet firmly planted on the ground of rock and roll and manages to do it in a way that is unique. Calling the songs catchy feels cheap, they are more than that. The songs stick around, haunting your mind until you give in and listen to more. The bill that night will be graced with the otherworldly Stay Calm, who have a dreamy vibe and echoing vocals that lighten a whole room, and the ever witty and energetic Sad Horse. $5 at the door or in advance will get you into the madness, but you really should bring a few extra dollars for a CD or two. When the music is this good, you want to take home a souvenir. - Joy Pearson


The Woolen Men Sign to Woodsist Records

The Woolen Men have received the chance to expand their audience exponentially. The group just joined the likes of Panda Bear, Dan Deacon and Mount Eerie by signing to Woodsist Records and announced that they’ll be releasing their debut LP on the label this March. The band’s explosive live shows and DIY ethics have brought them attention in Portland over the past few years and spurred a series of self-released EPs and tapes, the most recent of which was released last month. Tour tape no. 1 is a collection of recordings made on their most recent west coast tour and captures their kinetic energy amidst lo-fi static. You’ll have to wait until March 5th to own the entire record, but you can listen to the first release, "Mayonnaise", below. 2013 is looking bright for these guys. –Benjamin Toledo