NYC Issue #41

Winter 2015. NYC Issue #41
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Elizabeth Valleau of WOLVVES, Young Ejecta, Kiah Victoria and DJ Empress grace the cover of The Deli's winter 2014 issue

We thought you may want to listen to the music of the "Women Machine" gracing the cover of our Winter 2014 issue of The Deli... here they are, in alphabetical order:

DJ Empress, top right:

Kiah Victoria, third from the left:

Elizabeth Valleau of WOLVVES, bottom left:

Young Ejecta, second from the left:

Also, check out this cool video with some background about cover shot concept.


Bands in the Studio: WOLVVES

It's rare to find top notch musicians and producers giving their soul to a musical project that puts edge and experimentation before anything else. Such is Brooklyn band WOLVVES, formed by the Valleau triplets, who forge suspenseful (if not terrifying), noir, experimental electronic rock. We asked a few question to the knob fiddler in the band, producer/multi-instrumentalist Joshua Valleau.

Read WOLVVES' Q&A about gear and recording.


Wolvves share new video for 'White on White'

Electro-horror NYC twin trio Wolvves - who blew our minds at our recent B.E.A.F. fest in June with a show at once sexy, edgy, grotesque and punchy - just unveiled this video for single 'White on White' (streaming below) that's further proof of their uncommon talent for conjuring up musical and visual nightmares. Blending jungle with industrial, religious chants, and Hip Hop, the song takes goth atmospheres to a new level, enhanced by a video full of S&M and horror imagery that's nothing short of stunning.



Electronic DELI-ciousness tomorrow at Spike Hill! Check out the playlist!