Tiger Wave

Octant Plays A Summer Fling TONIGHT, 7/26/13 @ The Parish

Technically, Octant is a one-man band. Matthew Steinke stands alone on stage singing fragile dream-pop melodies over reverb-laden guitar sounds. But he’s not the only thing making noise; makeshift player pianos churn out soaring ornamentation while a bevy of percussion beats itself in time. And somehow, it all sounds surprisingly human -- maybe there’s some life in Steinke’s algorithms.

While you’re waiting for Octant’s new album to release this fall, take a peek at his electromechanical backup band in the new video for “Forget", off their 2011 release. And come see Octant tonight at the Parish for a Summer Fling with Mighty Mountain, Borrisokane and Tiger Wave. --Written by Kevin Allen