Strict Agnostics

Strict Agnostics Feature Members of Nice Guys and Miami Doritos

It'a happened, y'all-- the Boston music scene has begun swapping partners like sorority girls, but it's in a good way. Nice Guys members Jake Gilbertson (guitar/vocals) and Cam Smith (drums) and Miami Doritos' Kurt Egghart (Bass/Vocals) have released a new album under the name Strict Agnostics, recorded just this month. Though both source bands have steady touring schedules in Boston and are gradually breaking into underground markets across the country, Strict Agnostics are very much in the process of getting their EP (choose your price!) out to their existing fans before starting to play shows. With track titles like "Bob Dylan's Used Condom" and "I Want to Be A Sociopath", the Strict Agnostics is equal parts garage and weird, so snag it before your friends figure out the hype.

--Jamie Loftus (@hamburgerphone)