The Steelwells

Preview: Rin Tin Tiger's Haunted Hoedown III with Doe Eye, The Steelwells, and Wes Leslie and His Deadly Medley

After my first play through Rin Tin Tiger’s Toxic Pocketbook, the album looped to the beginning. Instead of consciously realizing it, getting annoyed at my playback settings, and turning it off, I continued to listen with the nostalgic feeling the song had once been a favorite of mine. Chalk it up to premature senility, but I think it’s the alt folk trio’s ability to write compelling, lyric-centric music that manages to stay contemporary, while still paying homage to the folk rock deities.

Throw on a disguise, and catch Rin Tin Tiger headline their third annual Haunted Hoedown on October 27 at Bottom of the Hill. Also on the lineup are local artists Doe Eye and Wes Leslie and His Deadly Medley, as well as LA’s The Steelwells

You can get your $10 tickets here, but if you want to give Rin Tin Tiger more money, they might invest in some flamethrowers. We can only dream.