Sour Bridges

Sour Bridges Go Down Smooth with their Eclectic Southern Bluegrass

Bluegrass acts in Austin can't help but veer into the unexpected. While Sour Bridges features a banjo, violin, and other tell-tale Bluegrass harbingers, they don't stay inside the traditional lines. With non-traditional themed songs like "Cocaine Lorraine" and "Midwife Crisis", Sour Bridges projects their 'Browngrass' which, which in their own words, "Is a little bit dirtier than Bluegrass". While the eclectic influences, like the Beatles and the Byrds, seem to blend seamlessly, its the live-wire energy of the quintet's live shows that leave their mark on listeners.  Its no surprise that Sour Bridges were the Austin voters pick for 'Best Emerging Roots/Songwriter Act' because although the band members come from the Pennsylvanie woods, Oklahoma plains, and Texas hills - their sound is uniquely Austin.

 -Lee Ackerley


RECAP - Our First Best Of Austin's Deli Magazine Showcase, 8/23/13 @ Club DeVille

The showcase was held inside to escape the heat (and light for those with laser shows!). Our musical lineup included: Ray Prim, Space Crazies, Mighty Mountain, Awkward Robot and Sour Bridges. To finish the night out we had a Costume Couture show by Mardi Gras designer, Hazel Mahony. And that was just the inside stage...

Outside, on Club DeVille's mainstage, we had LED lit hula hooping. By the entrance sat one of our sponsors, Garbo's Lobster Truck ATX, which sold out long before the night was over. Texas Music Water was flowing freely all around and Circle C sponsored us with their delicious BLUR brew. A video is in the works from the live interview corner we set up to chat with every performer following their set. I'll be posting the final edit soon, so be sure to check back.

As for what's next- I'm planning another event for the new year showcasing female fronted bands. And of course after that, there's always SXSW. Email to get involved. Advertising and sponsorship inquiries can be sent to that email as well. Thank you again to our sponsors: The Good Music Club, TRCOA, Garbo's Lobster Truck, Texas Music Water, Circle C, The Flier Fairy, Unabashed Productions, Club DeVille and last but not least, CourtPie Photography for the great images. See you next time! -Written by Charise Sowells


Best of Austin's Deli Showcase @ Club DeVille TONIGHT, 8/23/13, 6pm

This is the first of a new quarterly showcase series presented by Austin's Deli Magazine! Not only will 5 awesome local bands be playing, but we'll also have a live video interview area, a fashion show and hula hoopers to keep things wild and weird, in true Austin fashion.

The Good Music Club and TRCOA will be awarding special prizes for the participating bands. Texas Music Water will be keeping everybody hydrated. Garbo's Lobster Truck ATX will be keeping the crowd full. And FREE beer from Circle C Brewery will be provided until the keg runs dry.

Doors open at 6pm. $10.00 with 2 canned goods for Food Is Free, $12.00 without. Ray Prim will be starting out the night followed by Space Crazies, Mighty Mountain, Awkward Robot and Sour Bridges. We'll see you at Club DeVille tomorrow, 8/23/13! --Written by Charise Sowells


Sour Bridges, Deli Artist Of The Month, Sophomore Album Release Show @ Scoot Inn 5/31/13

Browngrass- you’ve seen it, but have you heard it? It’s the sound of one of our April Monthly Poll winners Sour Bridges. They used the term after having a difficult time describing their music. “We have tried categorizing our music into folk/rock, blue-wop, mountain gossip or aggressive grass but nothing really stuck until Dalton (the drummer) jokingly coined the phrase 'Browngrass'. It’s similar to Bluegrass but a little dirtier."

Cravings of those Austin summer nights with friends in a backyard drinking whiskey until the sun rises are exactly what I yearn for when listening to Sour Bridges and that’s the browngrass way of life. “With bluegrass elements and a rock n’ roll rhythm section, it typifies our values in life and living: humble, backyard, dirt stomping in 4/4 time. We have a way of spilling notes into a bathtub and making some really great music for consumption.”

Their sophomore album, Catfish Charlie, is being released at the end of this month with cover art featuring their friend Charlie riding a catfish. This 15 track record is comprised of love songs, train songs, drinking songs and thinking songs that will make you move. Get your dancing shoes ready for their CD release show on May 31st, 2013 at The Scoot Inn. Doors open at 8. --Written by Courtney Pierce