Sorne Record Release @ Holy Mountain on 4/27/13

Every now and then you see a show that blows your mind so much that you see that band time and time again. Sorne took me to another plane the first time I ever saw them with their sonic storytelling, omniscient vocals, chilling visuals and driving drumbeats. When the song was over, the realization set in that it was only a sound check. Everybody looked around at one another as if we'd just witnessed something out of this world and although I'd been planning to leave after the band before them, there was no way I was missing out on this experience now.

Come witness the avant garde magic on Saturday the 27th at Holy Mountain as Sorne releases their second album, Ego Altar. The title track can be heard below. Mighty Mountain and Hikes will be sharing the bill that night. See you there. -- Written by Charise Sowells


Volunteer Round Up

Everybody needs a helping hand every once in a while. Pay it forward, whydontcha:

Sorne is Kickstarting his next LP, with all sorts of prizes up for donated grabs. Check it out here.

Texas Microphone Massacre has, appropriately enough, a slate of zombie films to do. Which means they need zombies just like everybody else. Send an email here to sign up for some brain-eating fun. Who's with me?!?

The good folks at WXWC are gearing up for their big 2 days (2/22/13 and 2/23/13), but are still shy a few hands. You should definitely jump in, meet some cool peeps, and get into some killer shows. Fire off an email thisaway.

On the fateful night of 2/1/13, Stumbledrunk was victimized by shameless thieves, who made away with a goodly chunk of their music-making gear. Nobody likes getting ripped off, so now we're throwing a benefit to help those punkers get back to doing what they do best. Show up at Shine Studios on 2/22/13, give to the cause, and enjoy a great show.