Slow Hollows

Live Review: Slow Hollows at Teragram Ballroom 11/4

Sans the winding roads and $15 parking lots near Teragram Ballroom, Slow Hollows' album release party was a considerable success, drawing kids from as far out as Antelope Valley and Pomona to Los Angeles' decadent sidestreets. A gaggle of selfies were taken while waiting around the Ballroom's characteristic marquee, and at 9PM Danger Collective's BOYO (fka Bobby T. and the Slackers) had Robert Tilden promptly lulling the crowd—the band released their EP "machines" on Halloween. High school sweethearts and rowdy teens were thrown together as The Buttertones ripped through their setlist, which included songs from 2015's acclaimed western American Brunch. Someone lost their car keys, and someone else lost a shoe. At least four teens crowdsurfed, but everyone just stood and swayed and collectively sighed to the songs off Romantic, introduced by a very modest, somewhat blasé, endearingly ineffectual frontman and songwriter Austin Feinstein. The crowd just went like, yeah.

Slow Hollows supports Cherry Glazerr on their 2016/2017 Winter Tour, starting 12/27 in Fresno. - Ryan Mo


Slow Hollows to Play Release Party for Sophomore Album "Romantic"

Tomorrow, Danger Collective veterans Slow Hollows release their third album Romantic, graduating from the manic inferiority complex of Atelophobia into a more assured compilation of youth retrospectives. The homespun procession of tape warp, appregios, and Austin Feinstein's somber voice sketches the songwriter's ennui and rose-tinted glasses. A release party is being held at the Teragram Ballroom for Slow Hollows' new album, and in 2017, Slow Hollows will support a national tour with Cherry Glazerr, another Slimane select. Listen to the album in its entirety below. - photo by Joey Tobin


The fourth wall exists in Ferbus' new track "Four Word Song Title"

The twinkle is strong in Ferbus, a relatively new emo-rock band of Oklahoma City transplants and Los Angeles natives. First single they ever put out, "Explain Yourself", featured halcyon instrumentals and the deep baritone voice of Henry Dillon, which strangely makes me reflect on King Krule's absence. And the newest single "Four Word Song Title" resonates American Football angularities with opaque lyricism — a bit of a downer journey through textures dense and sparse.

Played against the backdrop of Los Angeles' winter, it has a slight warming effect, makes the winds bite just a bit less.

Ferbus are making their way through LA's music circuit, and they've already hit up DIY venues like Bridgetown and the HiFi Deli with bands such as Twin Peaks and Slow HollowsHeads up for the release their self-titled debut December 11 through Danger Collective Records — these guys are making plans for a release party on the same date. Stream "Four Word Song Title" below. - Ryan Mo


Danger Collective goes full DIY with Runaway 2015 music festival

Last year, Danger Collective Records worked with Lost Dog to bring the DIY Insidelands to Los Globos with acts like Girlpool, Soma (now Celebrity Crush), Casinos, and Together Pangea.

It sold out.

This year, Dylan Thinnes, Mike Morin (&? Productions), Austin Feinstein, Franky Newby, and Reed Kanter (Danger Collective Records) join forces and go double-down with a new name, new venue (Jewels Catch One), and over double the bands.

From heavy hitters like Kool A.D. (of Das Racist) and No Age to LA mainstays like Dream Panther, Slow Hollows, Winter, Dirt Dress, Surf Curse, and Lovely Bad Things, the new Runaway 2015 won't just live up to the hyper of yesteryear; it'll set the standard for DIY fests all over Los Angeles. Runaway's roots run north in the San Fernando Valley, from the 17 year-old star promoter Dylan Thinnes, member of Slow Hollows and friend of Danger Collective Records.

About the presenter: Danger Collective Records is an independent DIY record label started by Reed Kanter and friends two years ago. The label's ever-growing lineup includes local notables like Casinos, Kid Cassidy, Nirvanus, Best Friend, Zipper Lips, Te Amo, and more. Danger Collective Records' résumé of events includes shows at The Smell, White Oak Music and Arts, Space Forty-Two, Almost Holden Collection, pehrspace, and more, making them one of the pillars of the Los Angeles underground.

Tickets are available online now — get them while they're still available! - Ryan Mo