Shelf Life

New Shelf Life LP Available for Streaming & Download

After prolifically posting multiple releases over the last few years via his Bandcamp, Philly singer-songwriter Scotty Leitch, a.k.a. Shelf Life, has cleared his page, and shared FEARLESS, Leitch's latest full-length album. The LP occupies an intimate, pensive, folk-anchored sound. However, within those contemplative melodies, there are experimental twists that create an intriguing, mysterious element. Keep them coming; please don't quit making music, Scotty.


New Shelf Life Album Available for Streaming & Purchase

Prolific Philly songwriter/recording artist Scotty Leicht, a.k.a. Shelf Life, just released another new album, titled Nu Testament, his tenth in about four years. Grim, churning, guitar-driven tracks lay the groundwork for hushed vocals. Looming disenchantment stirs the sonic pot in a room of isolation. Shelf Life is slated to appear this Saturday, August 26 at Darren Point Breeze, with Quincy, The Four Of Us Are Dying, and Steve Laymen.


New Shelf Life LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

A melancholy cloud hovers over Shelf Life's latest fifteen-song full-length album, entitled YARN. The LP is dedicated to former Pill Friend's talented singer/guitarist Ryan Wilson, who sadly passed away way too early this spring. With a heavy heart, the collection of tracks is a touching, introspective homage to a greatly missed friend. 


New Shelf Life LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Scotty Leitch, a.k.a. Shelf Life, must never stop working, because we blinked and a new album, Bark, has arrived. Leitch continues to create mindful, cathartic melodies, incorporating experimental threads, which provide surprises around the otherwise cozy lo-fi corners. When those pressure-releasing, daydream-inducing soundscapes receive a temporary jolt to the system, the trajectory shifts. Initially, the warmth of simplicity will welcome you, but unpacking those lyrical layers and musical plots twists will make one want to dig deeper within the familiar framework. 


New Shelf Life LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Christian Coated Ethical Arena, the new full-length album from prolific Philly songwriter/recording artist Scotty Leicht, a.k.a. Shelf Life, negotiates an emotive maze of melody. Jarring, noisy instrumentation surrounds even-keeled vocals, creating a consoling, in-the-eye-of-the-storm sound. A calming pensive but potentially volatile environment takes shape, easing one into a comfortable but ever alert awareness. Shelf Life will be sharing these new ditties at The Pharmacy this evening with Blue Smiley, Fond Han, and Options.