Sea Lions

Live Review: Mild High Club at The Satellite 12/08

The red-eye psychedelia of Alexander Brettin called for a club meeting at The Satellite, and we answered along with half of Silverlake. Mad Alchemy's Lance Gordon propped up analog visuals with some old-school projectors, leaving an astringent smell in the air to mingle with hops and weed. Blobs of liquid color painted the artist Ted Feighan (Monster Rally) as he turned the audience on to exotica sweets over a bed of hip hop beats. Frankie & The Witch Fingers kicked it into high gear with the fast-burning petal power of their acid rock, followed swiftly by the thick groove and bright jangle of Oxnard's surfpoppers Sea Lions. Brettin's Mild High Club took the stage last, and of course they slayed the stage with their slack-jawed psych jams. But it was only half an hour long, and we wanted more. 

With shouts for an encore, Mild High Club threw out one last song that left The Satellite faded beyond recognition, and satisfied for the night. More pictures of the show on our Instagram @TheDeliLA.  - Ryan Mo, photos: Michelle McCausland


New album, new video, and new local show from Simi Valley's SHEER

Simi Valley doomgazers SHEER return from the studio depths to announce the release of their debut LP Uneasy, and we couldn't be happier for them. The 11-song album has garnered comparisons to Galaxie 500 and The Smashing Pumpkins, of which we could say are somewhat accurate. The hooks are fuzzy, the feels are deep, and Gina Almaguer's voice resonates wildly in our hearts, though we'd rather compare her to Rachel Goswell over Billy Corgan. But don't take our word for it — SHEER are playing on October 23rd at Carla's Bakery (best Mexican food in Moorpark, no joke) with noisegasmic locals Sustains, Sea Lions, and Losing End.

If you were sold on our previous coverage of the band, you can pre-order their debut album via The Native Sound. Uneasy will be out on digital download and in limited-release cassettes November 20th. - Ryan Mo