The Weaks Providing Power & Polish at Everybordy Hits March 8

Sunday night - one could sit back waiting as Monday lurks in the horizon, or you could stretch the weekend for all it’s worth and head over to Everybody Hits where rambunctious rockers The Weaks spearhead a four-pronged attack. With their debut LP Bad Year scheduled for release April 7 via Lame-O Records, the band offers attitude injected pop-punk that pounces on you with tough yet infectious songs that methodically breakout providing a sense of power and polish. As a hard-driving backend meets precise guitar licks and ever inviting lyrics, the experimental pop-rock outfit Purples eases you into its musical mode with a sense of comfort amid oddball tendencies, placing one in a familiarly warped place. The dreary haze of Queen Jesus also casts a strange embrace, crossing a loner vibe while painting the scenery with swirling pieces of sound. Matt Scheuermann’s personal meditative songwriting finds a focused fortitude as the beauty of Roses locks in a loaded local lineup. Everybody Hits, 539 W. Girard Ave., 9pm, All Ages (Photo by Jessica Flynn) - Michael Colavita


Weekend Warrior, January 23 - 25

Ever since Wesley Bunch moved to Philly from Virginia Beach, he’s been finding a whole lotta love for his project Suburban Living. He has also found seasoned bandmates in Michael Cammarata and Chris Radwanski, who were formerly in Night Panther and White Birds together and will be pulling double duty this Saturday night with their new project Spirit Haus. Suburban Living will be celebrating the release of their vibrant self-titled album, and will be playing their first ever Philly headlining set at Bourbon & Branch tonight. They'll be joined by the charismatic Illinois, who will have some new material to share since they recently sent out the mastered recordings for their upcoming release that's on the horizon. Also on the bill is Purples, who just put out some material of their own. There will certainly be a lot of fresh new tunes for your listening pleasure this evening. Bourbon and Branch, 705 N. 2nd St., 8pm, $7-$10 21+ - Bill McThrill
Other places to escape from the snow this weekend…
Bourbon & Branch (705 N. 2nd St.) FRI Jersey Corn Pickers, Man About a Horse, White Cheddar Boys, SUN Power Animal, Idiot Forever
Johnny Brenda’s (1201 N. Frankford Ave.) FRI Birdie Busch
The Boot & Saddle (1131 S. Broad St.) FRI JJL, Easy Creatures, SAT The Snails, Spelling Reform
Kung Fu Necktie (1250 N. Front St.) FRI Hivelords, I Am The Trireme /Truong Ta, Whats Her Face, Lady Parts/Damn Right!, The Beating, Crouse, SAT The Deadeyes (Record Release), This Temper, Conversations/The Great Explainer, Shannen Moser, SUN You You Dark Forest, Bone Bats
Underground Arts (1200 Callowhill St.) SAT Montoj, AlyCat, SUN Tinmouth
The Trocadero (1003 Arch St.) FRI Martha Graham Cracker, Brian Sanders Junk, Magda & Chelsea, Johnny Showcase & His Lefty Lucy Cabaret, Unidos Da Filadelfia
World Café Live (3025 Walnut St.) FRI (Upstairs) The Miners, Reckless Amateurs, Not My Dogg, (Downstairs) Matt McAndrew, SAT (Upstairs) Pure Jerry
The Fire (412 W. Girard Ave.) FRI Cee Knowledge, SUN The Subtractive
MilkBoy Philly (1100 Chestnut St.) FRI Great Big House, Brian Fitzy, SAT Southern Tyde, The Wayside Shakeup
North Star Bar (2639 Poplar St.) FRI The Nocturnal Jocks, SAT LeBon LeBon, Lushlife, Tropical Nasty, Los Festingos
Tin Angel (20 S. 2nd St) FRI Mutlu
Fergie’s (1214 Sansom St.) FRI The Heat Run
The Legendary Dobbs (304 South St.) FRI Tree Rats, Little War Twins / Stripes (Of Reckless Dodgers, The Lamplighters SAT The Ozzman Cometh/ Twin Ghost, The Good Mess
Connie’s Ric Rac (1132 S. 9th St) FRI Man Illuminated, Layers & Frames, SAT Dr. Beardfacé and the Spaceman, The Royal Noise
Creep Records (1050 N. Hancock St.) FRI No Summer (Record Release), Goddamnit, A-minor, SAT Deteriorist
Hard Rock Café (1113-31 Market St.) FRI Overcoming Gravity, Working Class Villains, Blakeslee
Millcreek Tavern (4200 Chester Ave.) FRI Vektor, Fisthammer, Lör
The Grape Room (105 Grape St) FRI The Funky T, Rob Tait Band, Paulette Branson & Mixed People, Jahwula, SAT R@S, Verbatum Jones, Fishtown Beats, Mitchy Mills
Ardmore Music Hall FRI Box of Rain, Flux Capacitor, SAT Blue Apple Groove, Railroad Fever, Hatchets and Hammers, Soldier On SUN Butchy Sochorow
3rd & Girard (Please Contact one of the acts or venue for more info) SAT Time Hitler & The Assholes From Space, Thieve, Church Girls
2nd Empire (Please Contact one of the acts or venue for more info) SAT Blank Spell, Twinks, Top of Tola
502 South (Please contact one of the acts or venue for more info.) SAT Welter, The Danger O’s, Scatterbrain, Seeing Snakes
Golden Tea House (Please contact one of the acts or venue for more info.) FRI Captain, We’re Sinking, Sing, Bird of Prey, Address, SAT Cayetana, SUN Low Charge, Dridge
Lavender Town (Please contact one of the acts or venue for more info.) SUN Goddamnit, Jackie Paper, Balloon Boy
The Nest (Please contact one of the acts or venue for more info.) FRI The Reflexes, Southern Queers, Vince Bellino, SAT No Friends, Hoser, Brontide, Walking Distance

Circadian Rhythms Taking a Few Swings at Everybody Hits Dec. 13

Circadian Rhythms reemerged as a seven-piece ensemble over the summer, and started to preview songs from their upcoming EP A Passing Thought, continuing to establish themselves as a unique, vibrant indie act with jazzy elements. The band will be co-headlining this evening’s show at DIY music space/batting cages Everybody Hits with Atlanta's Red Sea. They'll also be joined by Laser Background, a.k.a. Andy Molholt, who will be performing a solo set tonight of previously unheard jams. And the lineup will be rounded out by indie rockers Purples. Everybody Hits, 529 W. Girard Ave., 8pm, $5, All Ages - Bill McThrill


Spend Thanksgiving Eve w/Teen Men, Needle Points & Purples at Boot & Saddle Nov. 26

As members of the noteworthy indie-pop group Spinto Band, singer Nick Krill and guitarist Joe Hobson had found a niche for creating catchy, original tunes that made a poetic statement. And the duo has taken that ability and crafted a sensory overload when they joined forces with photographer Catherine Maloney and filmmaker Albert Birney to start their new project Teen Men. The lavish quartet blend artistic alternative music and electronic ambient tones with a photographic and cinematic digital media filmscape to create a one of a kind live experience. Catching them at Boot & Saddle tonight will be the perfect way to spend your Thanksgiving Eve. Especially when they'll be joined by psychedelic journeymen/woman Needle Points, who have also been known to deliver a mind altering live performance that's complete with colorful costumes, dual percussionists, and the thrumming bass of Brian "Langor" Langan. The incendiary musical performance kicks off with a sure to be rockin’ set by Purples, featuring members of Philly indie-rock forefathers The Teeth. Boot & Saddle, 1131 S. Broad St., 8pm, $10, 21+ (Photo by Maciek Jasik) - Bill McThrill


Weekend Warrior, October 10 - 12

While somewhat relatively new to the local music scene, you'll recognize the members of Divers through the many contributions that they’ve made with the likes of Buried Beds, Birdie Busch, The Weeds, and many Philly groups. However, when the unit comes together, they form a melodic and soulful rock quartet that has lush lyrics and multi-layered instrumentals. The band recently recorded their debut album at Turtle Studios, and our halfway through their goal of crowdsourcing funds for their release via Pledge Music. Tonight will be a great opportunity to get to know the band while they headline at Johnny Brenda's, and it will also be a good chance to get reacquainted with the vibrant and chaotic experimental pop music of Purples (ex-Teeth). And while Satellite Hearts have been doing an excellent job of being the backing band for Ali Wadsworth, this evening will be their chance to shine on their own, bringing their youthful brand of psych rock to the table. Johnny Brenda's, 1201 N. Frankford Ave., 9pm, $10, 21+ - Bill McThrill
More places to hang before winter takes over…
Johnny Brenda’s (1201 N. Frankford Ave.) SAT Bondage & Discipline
The Boot & Saddle (1131 S. Broad St.) FRI Hivelords, Bardus, SAT The Pretty Greens, SUN The Missile Toads
Kung Fu Necktie (1250 N. Front St.) FRI The Royal Noise, Catullus, Rats, Fishtown Beats, SAT Hot Guts, Haldol, SUN Snoozer, Moto Surf/The Skis
Underground Arts (1200 Callowhill St.) SAT Left and Right, Hound
World Café Live (3025 Walnut St.) FRI (Upstairs) Aiden James
The Fire (412 W. Girard Ave.) FRI Chalk & The Beige Americans, Souldiers of Soul, SAT Kettle Rebellion, Goddamnit, Westboro Baptist Choir, SUN A Day Without Love, On The Cooling Board
MilkBoy Philly (1100 Chestnut St.) SAT Weird Hot
Ortlieb’s Lounge (847 N. 3rd St.) FRI St. James and The Apostles (Record Release Show), Mr. Unloved, SAT Sing, Bird of Prey, Man on a Mountain, SUN Patsy Cline & Willie Nelson Tribute: Dani Mari, Rev. TJ McGlinchey, Lovers League, John Francis, Christine Havrilla, Allison Polans, No Good Sister, Chelsea Sue Allen, Irene Molloy, A Fistful of Sugar, Owl and Wolf, Tin Bird Choir, Griz, John Byrne & Lisa Chosed, You Do You, Katie Barbato, Glorious Typing, Alec Stewart, Michael Fitch
North Star Bar (2639 Poplar St.) FRI Jeff Thomas' All-Volunteer Army SAT Big Terrible, Wonder & Fury
Tin Angel (20 S. 2nd St) FRI Laura Mann, Lily Mae, SAT John Byrne Band, Ghost Palms
Fergie’s (1214 Sansom St.) SAT Dave Steel Blues Band, SUN Rusty Cadillac
The Legendary Dobbs (304 South St.)  FRI Beautiful Madness, Palaceburn, Stealing Fame, Smacking Madison, Kamakaze, Bunny Savage, SAT Chuck Thomas, Black Sun Rising, Fate 88, Honor, Hero Street, Kandela, Ketosis, SUN We Build, Stefany Mayz/Dirty Diamond, Dick and the Deer Gutters, Rigor Mortis Burlesque Revue
Connie’s Ric Rac (1132 S. 9th St.) FRI Paulette Branson & Mixed People, The Funky T, SAT Breastfest Philly Afterparty: Katie Barbato, Victoria Spaeth & The Spaeth Cadets, No Good Sister, Jennifer Logue, Dani Mari, Sonja Sofya, Every Heard, DARIENNE, Deep City Healers, Cheerbleeders
Voltage Lounge (421 N. 7th St.) FRI Bucket Flush, Eat the Turnbuckle, Bonzai, Rubbish, SAT Wrong Answer
First Unitarian Church (2125 Chestnut St.) FRI The Holidays
BlocktoberFest (South St.  Broad to 18th St.) SAT South Street Stage (Broad & South): Man About a Horse, Swift Technique, West Philadelphia Orchestra, Kate Faust, Ron Gallo, Chill Moody w/Beano/ Cricket, Wireless Stage (16th & South) Self Told Rumor, Countdown to Ecstasy, New Pony, RoseMary Fiki, Jason Jeffries & The Tall Trees, DJ NoPhrillz, DJ Benja Styles
Penn Treaty Park (1341 N. Delaware Ave.) SAT Fishtown RiverCity Festival: Levee Drivers, Katie Barbato, Pine Barons, TJ Kong & The Atomic Bomb, The Lawsuits
The Grape Room (105 Grape St) FRI Nomad Clientele, Local Smokes, Tom Mackell, SAT Kenny Price & Friends/(2nd Floor) Andrew Jude SUN Scott Paynter
Bourbon and Branch (705 N. 2nd St.) FRI Meddlesome Meddlesome Meddlesome Bells, Reverend Mantis, Mock Suns, The Scovilles, SAT Air is Human, The Flashing Thoughts, Doug Wartman, Akhbar SUN Destroying Angel
Ardmore Music Hall SAT Splintered Sunlight
Chill Collins Art Space (Please contact one of the acts or venue for more info.) FRI Space Drugs, Dirty Cut, SAT Cold Foamers (LP Release show), Row
Hazzard Hall (Please contact one of the acts or venue for more info.) SAT Hurry, Blowdryer
Titan House (Please contact one of the acts or venue for more info.) SAT Dead Violet
The Cabbage Patch (Please contact one of the acts or venue for more info.) SUN Unguent, S.C.C., Salt Water
Safety Meeting (Please contact one of the acts or venue for more info.) SAT Cranes Are Flying, Repelican
Mile High House (Please contact one of the acts or venue for more info.) SAT Space Drugs, Wring Out