The Pluto Moons

The Pluto Moons drop E​$​pooky Ep, play Bowery Electric

The Pluto Moons play with magic. It’s your garden-variety, bass-based, synth and sample, four-on-the-floor sort of magic, but magic no less. Their latest, the E$pooky EP, is something of an evolution from their debut, Mannequin Legs, but retains the playful instinct that’s a staple to most of their music. “$pooky,” the first song on the album, begins with a whisper and a bang, Jachary’s undulating bass refrain quickly vaporized by the rest of the of the band’s entrance. It comes back to haunt you later in the song, bigger and more insistent than before, like most of the Moon’s catalogue. The Pluto Moon’s will be playing Bowery Electric on 2/5 with a Mellencamp. -Emilio Herce (@emilioherce)


A Deli Premiere: The Pluto Moon's 'Eyez' from upcoming "Espooky EP"

In case you hadn't realized this yet, here at The Deli NYC we often reward crazyness, and The Pluto Moons are kinda crazy (you must have gathered that from the picture). Also, to most musicians' horror, we like genre categorization, but, in truth, we love to be challenged in that department by bands that, like The Pluto Moons, are hard to pigeonhole. We won't even try to describe these guys' music, just put together all the pieces yourself, theres a bunch of them in this single we are premiering below, entitled "Eyez," an excerpt from the upcoming "Espooky" EP, to be released in January. Want to hear more? Check out last year's full length "Mannequin Legs" here, and don't miss their EP release party at Cameo on January 10. - Photo by Zach Sokol

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


CHANGE OF LOCATION for The Deli's 07.26 Party: Brooklyn Fireproof

Brooklyn Wildlife and The Deli Magazine team up to bring you to the beating heart of DIY.  Saturday July 26, at Brooklyn Fireproof (119 Ingraham St.), Hip Hop reminds you of its true colors with a showcase of Rock, Rap, Punk, Tattoos, Live Painting, DJs, VJs, and BBQ. Starting at 4pm come have a snack and boogie down with the legendary DJ Soul Slinger.  Grab a tattoo from Badder Israel as the sun sets, then prepare for the cavalcade of music from Higher AnimalsEULAMelody JoyDeathrow TullThe Pluto MoonsPaxico RecordsJoya BravoRue Brown, and a special Brooklyn Wildlife set featuring Ohene Cornelius, Johnny Voltik, Tyquan Sounds, Stonehenge Parnhashnakovsky and more.  As the night rolls forward, lose yourself in the sexy glitch visuals of Matt Romein and live painting by Lexi Bella and Danielle Mastrion.  There will be skin.  There will be sounds, sights, and spectacle.  The best Bushwick has to offer.  Wear your shaking shoes and tape your glasses to your face or chance being blinded by the revelry.

Facebook event here.


NYC band on the rise: The Pluto Moons play Rock Shop on 09.03

I'm not entirely sure what kind of effect The Pluto Moons have on the mood of humans or aliens, but I'm finding myself caught between wanting to either dance, or freak out... or both every time I play their new LP 'Mannequin Legs.' One second, the band is all soft dancefloor pop, the next ... time to orbit the Earth with all manner of electronic warbles and twirks. With almost Zappa-like schitzophrenia, these Brooklynites manage to cover all this enormous ground in just a couple of minutes. Truly an unexpected surprise. Check out their just-released LP next time it comes time to blast off and get down at the same time. And see them live at Rock Shop on 09.03 or Silent Barn on 09.14. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)