Mishka Shubali

Mishka Shubali chronicles the wasted years in "Coward's Path" - out in February 2015

We told the fasinating story of Brooklyn resident Mishka Shubali in last summer's Ten Year Anniversary Issue of The Deli. The man, who found commercial success as a writer after years spent chasing the rock'n'roll dream with bands like Freshkills and Beat the Devil, has more than one interesting - and often darkly funny - thing to say about his neighborhood of choice and its music scene. He's now coming out with a new album scheduled for a February 2015 release and entitled "Coward's Path," written at the nadir of his musical career: tunes about death and darkness and failure and the cold comfort of oblivion - but without ever losing his fatalist sense of humor: "“With Coward’s Path, well, you’ve drank the bar closed, they’ve kicked everyone else out and pulled the gate down so it’s just the bar staff and their friends. The drugs come out. [...]The party turns weird. The party turns bad. Shit gets totally out of control. And then you have to stumble out into the daylight and confront what you’ve done.”


NYC Issue #39

Summer 2014. NYC Issue #39
(10 Year Anniversary!)
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