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Viva Violet, light fm, The Distant Intimate, The Foreign Resort at Lot 1

The bar/music space Lot 1 Café gets dreamy this Saturday with a lineup of gaze-inspired acts, courtesy of Freeradiosilverlake. Danish nouveau punks The Foreign Resort arrive to Los Angeles for the release of their newest album The American Dream, out 10/23. Supporting the Copenhagen band is Viva Violet, of veteran duo Jiha Lee (Good Life, Bright Eyes) and Nick White, as well as Josiah Mazzaschi’s nugaze outfit light fm. There will also be an opening performance by The Distant Intimate, newest project of Silverlake's Tony Pennington (solar powered people).

The 21+ show starts at 9 PM, with a $5 admission to support the bands. - Ryan Mo


Dreamy new romantics Last Canyon release EP "gold, sight, and silver"

The dreamgaze-y quartet Last Canyon (fka Nightmail) released their newest EP "gold, sight, and silver" yesterday in an El Cid performance with post-punk revivalists The Electric West and the bright-eyed melancholic surfpop of Little Magic.

It's been three years since their debut self-titled EP, an abrasive yet melodic spectrum of synth and oscillating guitars, and the group certainly have not lost their sharpness even as they announced a name change last October following singer-keyboardist Tammy Herrera's departure. However, small changes to sound were in order: the halcyon voices of bassist Dvin Kirakosian (ex- Courtney Love and the Chelsea) and drummer Brian Ramirez now intertwine as they fade in and out of focus. Nick Nevlin (light fm) and Gabriel Fernandez (Facts on File) trade line for line on the guitars, re-imagining the nostalgic tones of 90's dreampop with new romanticism, new sincerity, and new conviction.

"gold, sight, and silver" is available to stream on the Last Canyon's Soundcloud. Listen to it below, starting with the sublime first track "Daymoon". - Ryan Mo


Synthgaze trio Light FM playing The Satellite 6.25 with Young Light, The Past Haunts

Josiah Mazzaschi's band Light FM has gone through a lot of lineup changes since its inception in 1999. Nicole Fiorentino (Veruca Salt) played with him once. So did Jimmy Lucido (Nightmare Air). In spite of this, the artistic vision has been constant, and Mazzaschi's current outfit is a pretty formidable power trio: drummer/synth virtuoso Alexa Brinkschulte (ex-Swimming in Trees) and bassist Nicki Nevlin, who also played with Fiorentino and was featured in Wristcutters: A Love Story.

That's not to say that the past incarnations were less-than-stellar: Light FM's performances have brought them on shows with the likes of The Jesus and Mary Chain, The National, Ra Ra Riots, and The Smashing Pumpkins. Hell, even Billy Corgan threw down under moniker Backwards Clock Society during a benefit concert for Light FM's past member Laura Ann Masura.

Historically, Light FM have always had a penchant for saturating their compositions with synths and all-around dance-y vibes, diverging from the guitar-heavy work of their Los Angeles peers and balancing '80s textures with Mazzaschi's airy vocals. But the newest EP "Pointless" (released 3.13.15) might be their best work to date. Dark titles like "S.S. Euthanize" and "God Fearing Man" and "Your Loss" bathes listeners with neon frequencies and sardonic lyrics, a fitting combination for the disenchanted, digital urbanites.

Listen to the EP's title track below and catch Light FM as they perform a free show at The Satellite this Thursday, with Young Light (feat. members of Amusement Parks on Fire) and The Past Haunts. - Ryan Mo


Stream: light fm, “Voices in My Head”

Shoegazer’s light fm are ready to dazzle our ears once again with the release of their fifth studio album, ‘Voices in My Head.’ Filled to the brim with crisp sound design, it has the feel of 80s experimentation met with the bite of a true modern rock record. Josiah Mazzaschi, the brain child behind the band, is at the top of his songwriting game. We are streaming the title track below in advance of their record release show next Friday, Oct. 18. The relentless, driving bass bellowing beneath the ominously dissonant synthscape create the sense of madness surrounding the song’s hook. This psychizophrenic feeling becomes further cemented during the instrumentation after the bridge, where a beautiful cacophony of swirling, buzzing, arpeggiating synths and an impeccably mixed rhythm section nod to their 80s predecessors as you are driven deeper into the recesses of the mind of a lover forlorn. light fm’s technical prowess plays a big part in their appeal, but their true success is in their ability to craft a proper pop song without you noticing. Hear the new songs live October 18 at Complex. - Jacqueline Caruso