Last Canyon

Ghost Pavilion, Grave School, Last Canyon, Inspired & the Sleep at the La Cita Bar 9/21

On Tuesday Brooklyn-to-LA's Ghost Pavilion is hosting a show at the La Cita in Downtown Los Angeles. The band's synth-rich, lo-fi atmospheric sound started as the side project of James Higgs, multi-instrumentalist of Brooklyn's cozy dreampop foursome Spanish Prisoners. Two previously earmarked bands will start the show off: Grave School and Last Canyon. Both have released new EPs over the summer — the "Grave School" EP hummed '80s alt-rock cool, while "gold, sight and silver" featured a loftier sound than Last Canyon's debut. Psych-pop duo Inspired & the Sleep drives up from Oceanside to support at 10:00pm, too.

Grave School is on at 8:30pm — the beer's cheap and happy hour's until nine so of course this is going to be a 21+ gig. With free admission. - Ryan Mo


Dreamy new romantics Last Canyon release EP "gold, sight, and silver"

The dreamgaze-y quartet Last Canyon (fka Nightmail) released their newest EP "gold, sight, and silver" yesterday in an El Cid performance with post-punk revivalists The Electric West and the bright-eyed melancholic surfpop of Little Magic.

It's been three years since their debut self-titled EP, an abrasive yet melodic spectrum of synth and oscillating guitars, and the group certainly have not lost their sharpness even as they announced a name change last October following singer-keyboardist Tammy Herrera's departure. However, small changes to sound were in order: the halcyon voices of bassist Dvin Kirakosian (ex- Courtney Love and the Chelsea) and drummer Brian Ramirez now intertwine as they fade in and out of focus. Nick Nevlin (light fm) and Gabriel Fernandez (Facts on File) trade line for line on the guitars, re-imagining the nostalgic tones of 90's dreampop with new romanticism, new sincerity, and new conviction.

"gold, sight, and silver" is available to stream on the Last Canyon's Soundcloud. Listen to it below, starting with the sublime first track "Daymoon". - Ryan Mo