James Supercave

Psychpop James Supercave will blow your mind at Non Plus Ultra with Winter and Crown Plaza

Call it art pop, call it psych pop, call it experimental. Call it whatever you want, but the music that Joaquin Pastor aka James Supercave puts out is not only aurally phenomenal — it's first-world metaculture commentary. 

The singer/songwriter has been active since 2012, reaching seminal fame for his acoustic collaboration with filmmaker and Erhu player Evita YuePu Zhou in "Chairman Gou", a character perspective of the 2012 Foxxcon factory suicides. It was covered by the Chinese-American newspaper World Journal, illuminating labor abuse in the world's largest contract tech manufacturer. But prosodic quality isn't the only mark of James Supercave — the group's sensual musicality, playfully bridging unorthodox timbres and progressions, definitively separates them from the myriad of emerging acts in the city. James Supercave asks that you don't think too hard, and that sentiment resounds in "The Afternoon" EP. Released last year, the debut skillyfully pours levity over profound subjects of apocalypse, voicemails, the constant of change, and the self versus the society.

Percy Shelley once remarked: "poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world." Well it's 2015, and now's as good a time as ever to start.

James Supercave performs on Saturday at the Non Plus Ultra as part of their Fall Tour. Acclaimed dreampop/shoegaze band Winter and So Many Wizards side-project Crown Plaza will support. Watch the new music video for "The Right Thing", directed by James Kim, below. - Ryan Mo


Artist to Watch: James Supercave

Redefining the musical landscape of the eastside, James Supercave have only been performing since 2012, and haven't officially released an album yet. With a sound as big as a David Bowie-fronted version of Pink Floyd, and an energetic live show to match, its apparent the young quintet are only scratching the surface of their creativity. The band's first proper single (demos have been leaking for over a year), "The Right Thing" is an art pop opus. Melody and rhythm collide as each movement takes you on a journey of ever-increasing tension that bursts open to an ending filled with pounding drums, soaring strings, and frontman Joaquin Pastor's signature vocal stylings. James Supercave's debut EP 'The Afternoon' is set for release on Hit City USA in March, with a residency at The Echo the same month. Word on the street is, they'll be joining Warpaint on tour in April. So those free shows every Monday in March are not to be missed. Stream "The Right Thing," below from the band's soundcloud. - Jacqueline Caruso