Jacob Miller and The Bridge City Crooners

Photos from The Deli Portland's MFNW Day Show


Photos from The Deli Portland's MFNW Day Show 











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   Jacob Miller and the Bridge City Crooners      


The Quick and Easy Boys      


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Tango Alpha Tango      



Jacob Miller and the Bridge City Crooners Album Release at the Portland International Beerfest 7.19

In recent months Jacob Miller and the Bridge City Crooners have proven themselves to be one of the hardest working groups in the jug band scene. Playing weekly at venues all across town, being part of events such as Whiskeyfest Northwest and Jugapalooza, and a charming demeanor have brought them a fan base that grows with each performance. Their country-blues style, complete with washboard percussion, harmonica and upright bass goes back to the roots of american music and holds a nostalgic tone that people of most every musical preference can enjoy. This weekend the group is set to release their debut full length album which promises to bring them more of the recognition they deserve for the lively music they create. If you have yet to experience the fingerstyle guitar of one of the most talented young blues musicians in the city this is your chance to see them him at his best. Join the crooners for the release at the Portland International Beer Festival to celebrate while drinking some of the finest alcoholic beverages the world has to offer. - Benjamin Toledo  


Jacob Miller and the Bridge City Crooners Play Backspace 12.27

Jacob Miller and the Bridge City Crooners might be the most charming band that Portland has to offer. Their music is influenced by the country and blues of the early 1900’s and infused with fingerpicking ragtime guitar fronting an arrangement of both traditional and makeshift instruments. Upright bass, washboard, harmonica and even the occasional kazoo can be heard supporting Jacob and Joy as they trade lead vocals and harmonize with each other radiating the carefree and nostalgic energy that uptempo blues creates. Over the past month, they’ve spread their music all across stumptown; with a slew of shows booked in January and the promise of a new release in the spring, they aren’t showing any signs of slowing down. If you want to experience The Crooner’s charm for yourself, you can catch them at Backspace on December 27th or at the White Eagle on January 4th. – Benjamin Toledo