Higher Animals

Higher Animals play BK Wildlife's Summer Festival on September 6.

Higher Animals conjure whimsical indie rock certain to tickle your medulla oblongata. Vocalist Mimi Sun croons like a majestic songbird in a technicolor jungle while Orien Longo, the Lou Reed to her Nico, spouts a warm baritone warble in perfect harmony. Their songs vacillate between somber nostalgia and unbridled glee carried by glittery guitars and an unflinching rhythm section, and tend to lean heavily on love and loss, but with lines like “time was wasted on our youth / and I was held to my word / I guess by now you know the truth” they show promise to thoroughly shake some hearts as they diversify their content. In the mean time, you can howl your heartbreak with them on Saturday Sept 6th at Bk Wildlife’s Summer Festival at the Paper Box in Brooklyn.


CHANGE OF LOCATION for The Deli's 07.26 Party: Brooklyn Fireproof

Brooklyn Wildlife and The Deli Magazine team up to bring you to the beating heart of DIY.  Saturday July 26, at Brooklyn Fireproof (119 Ingraham St.), Hip Hop reminds you of its true colors with a showcase of Rock, Rap, Punk, Tattoos, Live Painting, DJs, VJs, and BBQ. Starting at 4pm come have a snack and boogie down with the legendary DJ Soul Slinger.  Grab a tattoo from Badder Israel as the sun sets, then prepare for the cavalcade of music from Higher AnimalsEULAMelody JoyDeathrow TullThe Pluto MoonsPaxico RecordsJoya BravoRue Brown, and a special Brooklyn Wildlife set featuring Ohene Cornelius, Johnny Voltik, Tyquan Sounds, Stonehenge Parnhashnakovsky and more.  As the night rolls forward, lose yourself in the sexy glitch visuals of Matt Romein and live painting by Lexi Bella and Danielle Mastrion.  There will be skin.  There will be sounds, sights, and spectacle.  The best Bushwick has to offer.  Wear your shaking shoes and tape your glasses to your face or chance being blinded by the revelry.

Facebook event here.