Gothic Tropic

Gothic Tropic refine their unruly pop songcraft at The Teragram Ballroom

Gothic Tropic have been poised for a breakthrough for far too long. But lead songwriter Cecilia Della Peruti seems unconcerned with the prospect, possessing a maturity in her unruly pop songs that reveals her growth as an artist. Peruti has joined Northern England post-punk revival veterans Maxïmo Park for two nights in California, starting with LA’s very own Teragram Ballroom, where her minty Stratocaster set forth a commanding weave of staccato lines that fall somewhere between lavish psych rock and clean, yet amped up notes à la Lindsey Buckingham.

Peruti applies her very own technique on her latest release Fast and Feast, and it does translate even better on a live setting, where she handles her chord patterns comfortably as her four band mates provide a more wholesome environment. Most of her set washed over like a calm wave, but once she closed the set with the soaring, solo-heavy Stronger, it truly felt like all bets were off. And then it shortly ended. But Peruti accomplished what many opening acts regularly fail to accomplish throughout her punchy, 35-minute set: to leave a mainly unbeknownst audience curious and wanting for more. Juan Rodríguez




Listen to Gothic Tropic's latest LP "Fast or Feast"

 Here at the Deli we've always been admirers of Gothic Tropic, the indie rock band led by Cecilia Della Peruti. You can now listen to her latest LP, Fast or Feast, over on She Shreds, a new record that takes great influence from late seventies new wave heroes like Debbie Harry and Chrissie Hynde.

Gothic Tropic will be celebrating the release of Fast of Feast with a record release show at Resident on June 6. Check out the band's latest single for "Your Soul" below.


Live Review: Gothic Tropic at The Satellite 7/29

Simply put, Gothic Tropic melted faces during the release party for their new single at the Satellite last Friday. Building momentum off openers Green Gerry, Hooops and Terri Terri, the Gothic crew were in unbelievably top-form—I have not been so utterly blown away by a bass player in a long time, thank you for that! I have to say the band packed a much bigger melodic punch than I first anticipated and Cecilia Della Peruti and friends shredded through the night like they shared one mind. Cecilia's subtle guitar genius really shines when she's executing frenetic solos that teeter between classic rock and psych.

The band unveiled their new single "How Life Works" in all its refined glory towards the end of their set—a ferociously catchy jam that at first floats sublimely in an aquatic guitar melody, carries the listener through a little doom-and-gloom, and then ultimately allows the sun to rise again with some uplifting catchy chorus work. And the whole thing grooves. In a sort of dark, vaguely mysterious way. Particularly the lumbering, downward walking bass line during the verses. It adds a new shade to the already diverse musical palette that makes up Gothic Tropic's output thus far. Cecilia and co.'s dark psych-pop continues to mature as their audiences grow and I for one will be on the look out for their next drop: Fast or Feast on October 28th via Old Flame Records. - Andrew Mendoza


Gothic Tropic unveils new single at Resident on 05.30 + geeks out about pedals on Delicious Audio

Cecilia Della Peruti is a creative force to be reckoned with in the LA scene. Her band Gothic Tropic's musical output could be seen as a permanent effort to defy categorizations: disparate influences like rock, pop, ambient, African melodies and even jazz find a place in her repertoire, without affecting its cohesiveness. The band is about to unveil a new single on May 30th at Resident, so we thought it would be a good opportunity to refresh your memory about their music with their best single to date ("Flesh Dance, streaming below). We also took the opportunity to organize a Delicious Audio feature focused on Cecilia's guitar pedals!


Feel the warmth of "Salt", new single by Golden Daze

We're caught in the sun-drenched tape echoes of Golden Daze's new single "Salt", where murmurs of Brian Jonestown Massacre, Beach Fossils, and Days-era Real Estate are hitting us in the feels. Like, so hard. Songwriting duo Ben Schwab and Jacob Loeb — who have opened for acts like Jacco Gardner, Mild High Club, and Honeyblood — reveal their love for '60s guitar jangle and endless washes of drone in this dreampop banger. 

Feel their warmth live on December 9th at The Satellite, where they'll play with Gothic Tropic and Waterstrider. Golden Daze's self-titled debut LP is set for release February 19 via Autumn Tone Records- Ryan Mo, Photo: Liza Mandelup