Ghostporn's last show (as Ghostporn) tomorrow at Harvard & Stone

Duo Tasia Trevino and Kenny Carranza will play their last show as Ghostporn tomorrow, September 7th at Harvard & Stone. After the release of their Godard-inspired single "Vivre Sa Vie", the moody LA outfit have sweated out the summer, helping to close the curtains for Dirt Dress and keeping the Lollipop love strong at Echo Park Rising. Last we heard, they're still working on an album to be announced later this year, and Buzzband's Kevin Bronson ventured a guess that the duo will just change their name. I wouldn't take any chances, though.

Ghostporn will be accompanied by the acoustic singer/songwriter Marnie Herald and '70 pop revivalist Dustin Lovelis (The Fling). The show is free and the feels will be fresh, so come out. - Ryan Mo


Ghostporn's new single "Vivre Sa Vie", performing for Dirt Dress's last show

Based on the film by New Wave film maker Jean-Luc Godard, Tasia Trevino and Kenny Carranza's newest single "Vivre Sa Vie" courses psych revivalist tones through lyrics that recount the life and spirit of Nana pushing against an unsympathetic world. This is the first release of new material Ghostporn have hinted on for their upcoming album, which will contain nods to Broadcast, Jeff Buckley, and Scott Walker (The Walker Brothers).

Ghostporn will open for post-punk trio Dirt Dress's last show along with Froth at tonight at the Non Plus Ultra. Listen to "Vivre Sa Vie" below, and find the lyrics to the song here. — Ryan Mo


Oceanic dreamgoth duo Ghostporn working on a new album

Photo credit: Marte Solbakken

Tasia Trevino and Kenny Carranza used to work at a record store somewhere in the Central Coast of California. They began to write songs together as a sort of dare. Truth: the results were pretty damn good. So they moved to Los Angeles and teased out the rest of it, switching out band names like Black Shirts and The Siblings, just for a hot minute. But then ghostporn hit, admittedly because the two words "looked nice together." An epiphany finds Tasia, who later explains:

"[ghostporn is] not about physical intimacy with a spirit or specter, but about the indulgence of dwelling on the ecstasy and agony of memories—of loved ones, moments, places, ideas, objects, emotions, and sensations of the past."

This much is true in ghostporn's short but poignant discography and sound. In 2010, ghostporn self-released a demo LP titled Anaphase, and had “Razorface” featured on a compilation album by Deep South Entertainment. If the lo-fi gem was a testament to their jangly past, then the EP dream songs, released on Lollipop Records in 2014, might be a vision of what's to come. Tape-y, springy guitar arpeggios intertwine with Karen O melodies and 60’s psych swirliness, balancing ephemeral sounds with emotive lyricism. Ghostporn just finished playing a show with Brooklyn-based dreampop Shana Falana at Pehrspace, and less recently with experimental musician Liphemra at Los Globos. They’re currently writing new material for an upcoming album; no details yet, but expect to hear hints of Scott Walker, Jeff Buckley, Broadcast, and more when they premiere the songs at future shows! Listen to “la bruja” off their dream songs EP below. - Ryan Mo