Dustin Lovelis

Dustin Lovelis takes us to trippy Tompkinsville

"Tompkinsville" sounds like a state of mind for singer-songwriter Dustin Lovelis. Though we're never quite sure where it is, Lovelis's striding psych-pop has a pleasantly hypnotic energy that makes you feel like you also belong there. A more sedate response to the disorderly garage rock that spikes our shores, the song's swirling melody creates a concentrated atmosphere that lingers in your mind the more you listen to its sumptuously extended passages. 

Lovelis just began a residency at Bootleg Theater for the month of July. "Tompkinsville" is the first reveal off of his debut solo effort, Been Hit Before, which comes out on August 25 via Friendship Fever. - Juan Rodríguez


Ghostporn's last show (as Ghostporn) tomorrow at Harvard & Stone

Duo Tasia Trevino and Kenny Carranza will play their last show as Ghostporn tomorrow, September 7th at Harvard & Stone. After the release of their Godard-inspired single "Vivre Sa Vie", the moody LA outfit have sweated out the summer, helping to close the curtains for Dirt Dress and keeping the Lollipop love strong at Echo Park Rising. Last we heard, they're still working on an album to be announced later this year, and Buzzband's Kevin Bronson ventured a guess that the duo will just change their name. I wouldn't take any chances, though.

Ghostporn will be accompanied by the acoustic singer/songwriter Marnie Herald and '70 pop revivalist Dustin Lovelis (The Fling). The show is free and the feels will be fresh, so come out. - Ryan Mo