Dream Panther

Danger Collective goes full DIY with Runaway 2015 music festival

Last year, Danger Collective Records worked with Lost Dog to bring the DIY Insidelands to Los Globos with acts like Girlpool, Soma (now Celebrity Crush), Casinos, and Together Pangea.

It sold out.

This year, Dylan Thinnes, Mike Morin (&? Productions), Austin Feinstein, Franky Newby, and Reed Kanter (Danger Collective Records) join forces and go double-down with a new name, new venue (Jewels Catch One), and over double the bands.

From heavy hitters like Kool A.D. (of Das Racist) and No Age to LA mainstays like Dream Panther, Slow Hollows, Winter, Dirt Dress, Surf Curse, and Lovely Bad Things, the new Runaway 2015 won't just live up to the hyper of yesteryear; it'll set the standard for DIY fests all over Los Angeles. Runaway's roots run north in the San Fernando Valley, from the 17 year-old star promoter Dylan Thinnes, member of Slow Hollows and friend of Danger Collective Records.

About the presenter: Danger Collective Records is an independent DIY record label started by Reed Kanter and friends two years ago. The label's ever-growing lineup includes local notables like Casinos, Kid Cassidy, Nirvanus, Best Friend, Zipper Lips, Te Amo, and more. Danger Collective Records' résumé of events includes shows at The Smell, White Oak Music and Arts, Space Forty-Two, Almost Holden Collection, pehrspace, and more, making them one of the pillars of the Los Angeles underground.

Tickets are available online now — get them while they're still available! - Ryan Mo


Stream: Dream Panther, “Chutes and The Ladder”

The self-proclaimed “post-gangster soul wave” duo, Dream Panther, are offering some dreamy, chilled out soulful tunes for you on their debut EP, ‘Beyonce’s Child.’ The first single, “Chutes and The Ladder,” has that laid back R&B feel that’s been blowing west this year, adding elements of world music and atmospheric electronica to make this new genre all their own. The latest act to emerge from the local DIY collective, FMLY, these guys have an obvious sense of humor and complete lack of pretension that makes them even more endearing. Stream the track below and pre-order the cassette from Chill Mega Chill Records. - Jacqueline Caruso