Release and Catch

Release 1 - Creationists are having a full-on coming out party for their latest release, Ἁγία Σοφία, this Saturday, 1/26/13, at Trailer Space Records.  To be escorted by Dikes of HollandComa in Algiers, and Kingdom of Suicide Lovers.  Need more details??  Go here

Release 2 - David Thomas Jones is throwing down a release party for "Comfort Creatures" (which we called "...arguably, the best indie alt rock record of 2012.") at Holy Mountain next Thursday, 1/31/13.  To be accompanied by the three bands he performs with, Watch Out For Rockets, Les Rav, and Scan Hopper, with End Wave ending the soiree.  And as an added treat, the Austin Chapter of Dudeism will be abiding at a priest ordainment booth.  Or not.  More details here.

Catch - From the "You mighta missed this one" department - Perennial local favorites The Sour Notes went on tour last year, and all we got was this sweet mini-documentary.  Check it out:

Then they re-issued "Last Looks" and made a new music video for the title track.  Nice:


Review - "Ἁγία Σοφία" by Creationists

Nope, we don't know how to pronounce the title of the latest release from Creationists either. But like the artist formally known as Prince, it doesn't matter - The music makes the pronunciation moot.  

Rough and tumble rock-punk, cleanly-produced, rumbling with thick bass, glistening with verbed guitars and topped with excellently-bellowed vox.  And (though it might seem strange in this context, it works brilliantly) the occasional trumpet ("Saint Stephen", "Black Hands").  Extra marks for the belligerently brilliant "Mucho Macho", though "End of the Line", "Tunnel Rat", and "Southern Cross" get stars too.  

Harder rock, this, veering into the psyche side of the road at times, but all good and a worthy addition to the "produced in Austin" sticker.  Mark one up for Creationists - This unpronounceable LP is an excellent way to start 2013.

-- Scott Osborn