The Couch

Where Were You When The Mayan Apocalypse Went Down?

So the last day of the Mayan calendar has come upon us.  We should party like it's the end of the world.  

Perhaps the most telling sign of the apocalypse is the Hipnautica reunion.  That's going down at Rusty's.

At Mohawk's, we've got Hardproof Afrobeat, Money Chicha, and Butcher Bear DJ.

The Red Eyed Fly will welcome the destruction of all that we know with EBM, Drifter, Black Thorn Halo, Hazard Hounds, and Fight Plan.

Deciding to put a positive spin on total annihilation, the good folks at The Parish are having a Beginning of The World party with Nadis Warriors, Blockhead, DrFameus (Allen Aucoin of The Disco Biscuits) plus "Live Painters, Poetry Readings, Live Floral Arrangements, Reiki and Energy Healing, Crystal Healing, other healing modalities; and more!!"  What's not to like?

The Beauty Ballroom is having Christmapocalypse with, oddly enough, Auto Body and Octopus Project DJ.  

Over at Holy Mountain, they're just calling it a party with the Peligrosa 5 Year Anniversary party.  

At Frank, they'll be taking a more somber approach with an Acoustic Night put on by Language Room, The Couch, and Dawn & Hawkes. 

The Dirty Dog will do it in metal, with Closed Hand Promise, Dead Earth Politics, Course of Ruin, Truman Syndrome, Immerse, and Abiotic.

While over at Red 7, they've calling it Party At The End of The World, and have managed to snag Assacre, Spiritual Wives, Visitors, Pack Of Wolves, Krum Bums, Employer, Employee, At All Cost, and Recover.

So get ye henceforth and enjoy the end of the world!