Cigarette Bums

Mood Music: Plastic Cactus- "Dark & Moody"

As the sun falls closer to the horizon, the conflict of choosing to stay in on the last night of the weekend or go into the new with a bang is quickly presented. There's quite a bit going on tonight depending on what you're in the mood for, so let new outfit Plastic Cactus help you make the decision.

Plastic Cactus have steadily gained traction over the last few months with their live sets, but their recently released collection of mastered tracks is sure to propel them further. Pricks, their debut album, shows the band have an adept mastery of slowed, southwestern psych-surf despite their northern locale.

Their songs are the perfect soundtrack for the setting sun and are even better in person, so check out their show tomorrow at the Know with the Cigarette Bums from Los Angeles, Horse Movies and Strugglers.


The Electric Magpie Plays Milk Bar with Cigarette Bums Sad Tires Criminal Hygiene TONIGHT

San Francisco band, The Electric Magpie is headlining tonight at Milk Bar. They'll be serving up a blend of ‘60s psych rock and mod, while Los Angeles-based, the Cigarette Bums deliver a blend of blues-infused budget rock with a slight surf influence. Also keeping it slightly bluesy is Sad Tires. Listing themselves as blues punk, their talent lies within their artfully crafted guitar riffs. And opening all the festivities is LA based garage rock band Criminal Hygiene. With an ever-so-slight The Replacements-esque influence is awesome. They recently released an EP called “Withdrawn” on Cultist Records earlier this month.

Be sure to see “Friday Night Fuzz Disco” at Milk Bar in San Francisco tonight! - Erin Dage